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Refining Solutions Paper

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Subject: Philosophy
Due on: 08/27/2013
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Most great solutions to problems begin with some initial flaws. Quality solutions arise by refining ideas. Refine your solution to the problem defined in your Week Two Individual Assignment by following the Three Steps in Refining process in Ch. 10 – 11.

Write a 700 to 1,000 word paper. Include the following:

• Original issue

• Initial solutions

• Critical examination of best solution

• Evaluation of the argument

• Revised argument

• Refined solution with implementation plan

• Final solution

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines
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Refining Solutions Paper

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Preview: in xxxxx to xxxxxxx on your xxxxxxxx I will xxxxxxxxx these xxxxxxxxx xxx refine xx solution from xx week 2 xxxxxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx process” xxxxx In my xxxx 2 assignment xx original xxxxx xxx finding x new way xx generate an xxxxxx in xxxxx xx keep xxxxxx financially afloat xxxxxxx the economic xxxxxxx that x xxx experiencing xxxx I lost xx job My xxxxxxx solutions xx xxxx situation xxxx to change xxx adapt to xxx new xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx that x know was xxxxx with I xxxx up xxxx xx initial xxxxxxxx through asking xxxxxx a series xx questions xxx xxxxxx myself xx stimulate my xxxxxxxxxxx Through this xxxxxxxx thinking xxxxxxx x came xx with new xxx improved ideas xx how xx xxxxxx of xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxxx working person xxxxxxx want xxx xxx many xxxxx avenues of xxxxxxxxxx an income xx keep xx xxxxxxxxxxx afloat xxxx a critical xxxxxxxxxxx of my xxxx solution xx xx financial xxxxxxxxxxxx I see xxx after the xxxxxxxx chapter xx xxx chapter xx and implementing xxx techniques in xxxxx chapters x xxxxx have xxxxx a more xxxxxx route to xxxxxxx to x xxxxxxxx My xxxxxxxx in my xxxxx was of x mentality xx xxxxxxx me” xxx is this xxxxxxxxx to me xxxxxxxxxxxx I xxxx xxxxxxxxx by xxx economic climate x continued to xxxx after x xxxx my xxx thinking it xxx someone else xxx to xxx xx situation x secretly found xxxxxx angry when xxx of xx xxxxxxxxx got xxxxxxx thinking to xxxxxx “I should xxxx been xxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxx After evaluating xx initial argument x now xxxxxxx xxxx things xx life.....
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