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Writhing an introductory paragraph for a philosophy paper

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Subject: Philosophy
Due on: 12/17/2013
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This is a phi essay, which is due on 12/8/2012.

you need to write 7-8 pages

Writing an Introductory Paragraph for a Philosophy Paper

An introductory paragraph not only introduces the topic of the paper, but it also provides a clear statement of the point that is to be made in the paper. An introductory paragraph should also include a brief statement about how the paper will be organized—a table of contents, so to speak, for the paper.

Here are several possible topics for your paper:

  1. Discuss what happens when you die according to Plato, Augustine, and Leibniz.
  2. Consider the treatment of women in theDhammapada, theAnalects, and theTao Te Ching.
  3. Which of our assigned texts presents the most coherent account of reincarnation:Upanishads,Phaedo,orShobogenzo?
  4. Describe the samurai relationship with Confucianism, Buddhism, and Christianity.
  5. Which of our philosophers has the most faith in knowledge based on empirical evidence: Aristotle, Dogen, or Hume?

Please choose one of these topics and practice writing an introductory paragraph for a paper on your chosen topic. Be sure to include a clear opening sentence that identifies what the paper will be about, followed by 2-4 more sentences addressing why this is an interesting/important/confusing issue. Then provide a single clear statement of the point you wish to make in the paper (e.g. “I plan to establish that Zen Buddhism lacks a coherent sense of the possibility of reincarnation”). Immediately following your thesis statement, provide a sentence or two that explicitly lays out the structure of your paper (e.g. “First I will describe X, and then I will talk about Y and Z. Finally, I will argue that …”).


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Writhing an introductory paragraph for a philosophy paper

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Preview: existence xx a xxxx and a xxxx but he xxx not xxxxxxxx xxx idea xxxx the soul xxxxxx without the xxxx after xxxxx xx stressed xxxx on the xxxxx of the xxxx and xxxx xxx an xxxxxxxxx together be xx before or xxxxx death xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx a xxxxxxxxxxxx after we xxx of both xxx body xxx xxx soul xxxx means that xxxxxxxxx to Augustine xxxxx is xx xxxxxxxxxxx existence xx the soul xx immortal after xx die xxxxxx xx exist xx resurrected bodies xx Augustines own xxxxxx At xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxx will inhabit xxx actual bodies xx which xxxx xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx of this xxxx on earth xxx these xxxxxx xxxx be xxxx that no xxxxx of corruption xx frustration xxxx xxxxxx their xxxxxx nor will xxx sorrow or xxxxxxxxx interfere xxxx xxxxx felicity xxxxxxxxxx like Plato, xxxxx about new xxxx after xxxxx xxx his xxxx is different xxxx that of xxxxx in xxx xxxxx that xx argues that xx is the xxxx body xxxx xx resurrected xxx the same xxxx takes the xxxx again xx xxxx a xxx life without xxxxx affected in xxx way xx xxx previous xxxx Clearly unlike xxxxx Augustine stresses xx inseparable xxxxxxxxx xx body xxx soul after xxxxx while Plato xxxxxx about xxx xxxxxxxxxx of xxx immortal soul xxxx the mortal xxxx Liebniz xxxxxxxx xxxx Augustines xxxx of life xxxxx death and xxx more xxxxxx xx what xxxxx argued in xxxx context Liebniz xxxxxxxx advocated xxx xxxxxxxxx of xxxx after death xxx stressed on xxx importance xx xxx spirit xxxxxx calls it xxxxx and its xxxxxxxxx after xxx xxxxx of xxx human body xxxxxxx said that xxx nature xxxxxx xx the xxxx of atoms xxx these atoms xxx souls xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx that xxxx is just xx appearance in xxxxxx space xxxxx xx founded xx spiritual substances xxxxxxx also stressed x lot xx xxx goodness xxx.....
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