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AC341 HTML Research Project

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Subject: Computer Science
Due on: 05/24/2017
Posted On: 05/24/2017 07:32 AM

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HTML Project


  1. Research Project (85 points)

Based on your research project/presentation, create a webpage with a table that contains research information and websites that will be beneficial to you in completing your presentation (based on your topic). Therefore, you are being asked to complete preliminary Internet research on your topic and place the information in a Web site using a table (see the HTML lab) with the specifications as follows:

    1. The table must contain at least 5 rows and 3 columns (at least 3 main ideas within your topic and 5 details or web sites pertaining to each idea).
    2. It must be presented in a professional manner using tags used in the lab (this project is to help you better understand tagging languages and therefore, I have used deprecated tags; if you are already familiar with HTML you are permitted to use style sheets, however in order to earn an A, this is not required). Use at least the following tags:

i. Bold

ii. Change Font size, type, color, etc

iii. Change the caption to the comic sans ms face type

1. <font face=”comic sans ms” color=”?”> text </font>

2. use the color of your choice

iv. Center

v. Hot links for web sites

vi. Insert a picture, clip art, etc.

vii. List structures (ordered and unordered) in and outside of the table, etc.

  1. Table Twisters (file posted under Projects)
    1. Create a Web site containing the “4 X 4” table listed under projects (just place the letters in the center of each square; you do not have to add color – HINT: you will have to use “row and column span” code and will need to look them up in the tutorial of your choice. (15 points)
    2. Optional: Create a Web site containing the “Straddle” Table – 3 additional points, added to your HTML project.

  1. Please load your completed project to the HTML SUBMIT link provided in Blackboard.

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AC341 HTML Research Project

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