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Explain how the use of substances alters a person’s state of consciousness

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1.) Explain how the use of substances alters a person’s state of consciousness, including depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens. Include in this explanation what happens to the neurotransmitters and body chemicals as well as how you might recognize if a person at work or in your family is in an altered state of consciousness due to the influence of drugs.

2.) This question has five parts. One of the cornerstones of Freudian theory is the concept of the unconscious not to be confused with the state of being knocked unconscious by a blow to the head. (a) What did Freud mean by the concept of the unconscious? (b) When is it beneficial for much of our behavior to be unconscious? (c) When is it not beneficial? (d) If much of our behavior is unconscious, can you recognize unconscious behavior in yourself and in others? (e) How would you know behavior was unconsciously driven?

3.) Group think is a concept that involves individuals abandoning their critical sense and agreeing to group process even when they know it will have disastrous consequences. (Challenger disaster, Enron, Iraq war, etc.). Your will encounter these pressures in your work life and need to be prepared. Have you ever done something in a group that you would not have done if you were alone? What happened? How did you feel? What have you learned from this chapter that might help you avoid this behavior in the future, and avoid group think?

4.)How does prejudice develop and how might it be supported in families and in the work place? Do you believe that you are free of prejudice?

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Substance alter LOC psychoanalysis groupthink prejudice Paper - User Guide

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Tutorial Preview …alteration xx their xxxxxxxxxx caused by xxxxxxxxxx such as xxxxxxxxxxxx stimulants, xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx has xxxxxxxxx effects on xxx level of xxxxxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxx state of xxxxxxxxxxxxx depend on xxx kind xxx xxxxx…
Substance_alter_LOC_psychoanalysis_groupthink_prejudice_Paper.docx (31.63 KB)
Preview: will xxxx disastrous xxxxxxxxxxxx (Challenger disaster, xxxxxx Iraq war, xxx ) xxxx xxxx encounter xxxxx pressures in xxxx work life xxx need xx xx prepared xxxx you ever xxxx something in x group xxxx xxx would xxx have done xx you were xxxxxx What xxxxxxxxx xxx did xxx feel? What xxxx you learned xxxx this xxxxxxx xxxx might xxxx you avoid xxxx behavior in xxx future, xxx xxxxx group xxxxxx The power xx groupthink being xx a xxxxx xx sometimes xxxxxxxxxx I cannot xxxx that I xxx been xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx doing xxxxxxxxx with the xxxxx that I xxxxx not xxxx xxxx alone xxxxx in a xxxxx sometimes you xxxx be xxxxxx xx show xxxxxxxxxx just to xxxxx you are xxxx the xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx no xxxxx problem happened xxxxx but I xxxxxx get xxxx xxxx feeling xxxxxxxxxx and having xxxx regrets for xxxxx a xxxxx xxxxxxx my xxxx It made xx feel weak xxxxx unable xx xxxxx with xx principle The xxxxxxx reading thought xx of xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx teaching xxx just to xx with groupthink xxx group xxxxxxxx xx something xxxx the group xxxx agree upon xxxxx allowing xxx xxxxx of xxxxxxxx heard 4 x How does xxxxxxxxx develop xxx xxx might xx be supported xx families and xx the xxxx xxxxxx Do xxx believe that xxx are free xx prejudice?Prejudice xx x way xx culturally-learned behavior xxxxx children may.....
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