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Virtual Course MATH 250 Elements of Statistics Probelms

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Virtual Course MATH 250 Elements of Statistics
Multiple Choice. Choose the one best answer, placing that answer to the left of the question's number. Work should be shown out to the right of the question as needed. Hypothesis testing templates are provided on the next worksheet.

1. The editors of Celebrity Statistics magazine wish to determine Americans’ favorite celebrities. A ballot is included in the November issue of the magazine. Readers are encouraged to mail in their ballots. Indicate the population and sample.

A. Population: Readers of Celebrity Statistics
Sample: Readers who mail in their ballots
B. Population: Readers who mail in their ballots
Sample: Readers of Celebrity Statistics
C. Population: Readers who mail in their ballots
Sample: Americans
D. Population: Americans
Sample: Readers who mail in their ballots

2. What percent of hospital patients were at most 49 years old?
Ages Frequency
A. 70.8% 0-9 3
B. 60.4% 10-19 3
C. 39.6% 20-29 4
D. 29.2% 30-39 4
40-49 5
50-59 7
3. Within which age group would the third quartile (Q3) fall? 60-69 9
70-79 8
A. 50-59 80-89 3
B. 60-69 90-99 2
C. 70-79
D. 80-89

4. Consider the following stem-and-leaf plot displaying ACT scores. In the plot, 1|2 represents a score of 12. Which of the following is false with regard to the data in this stem-and-leaf plot?

1 2334
A. There were 29 pieces of data collected 1 57888899
B. The range of this data set is 23 2 000112223
C. The median of this data set is 21 2 55567
D. The mode for the data set is 18 3 23
3 5

5. A state politician wants to gauge public opinion in his area before deciding to run for re-election. For the study, 200 registered voters are chosen at random from each county in his district. What type of sampling is being utilized?

A. Cluster Sampling
B. Stratified Sampling
C. Systematic Sampling
D. Simple Random Sampling

The following data shows the weights of 12 randomly selected newborn babies.
6.8 9.1 8.7 7.5 8.2 5.4 6.5 8.5 7.3 6.6 5.9 7.3

6. Find the mean and median to the nearest hundredth for this sample data.

A. mean = 7.32, median = 7.30 Mean = 7.32
B. mean = 7.30, median = 7.32 Median = 7.30
C. mean = 7.50, median = 7.48
D. mean = 7.48, median = 7.508

7. Which of the following gives the sample standard deviation and the range of the sample data?

A. SD: 1.10; Range: 1.8 Std Dev = 1.15
B. SD: 1.15; Range: 3.7 Range = 3.70
C. SD: 1.10; Range: 3.7
D. SD: 1.15; Range: 1.8

8. Which one of the following describes a quantitative, continuous variable?

A. Classification of students (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior)
B. Lengths of fish caught in a lake
C. Hair color
D. Number of students in a class.

Exam Scores for Two 5th Grade Student Groups

9. Which distribution shape best describes the boxplot for Class 5A?

A. Bell shaped
B. Uniform
C. Skewed right
D. Skewed left

10. Which of the following statements is true concerning the box-and-whisker plots?

A. Class 5A has a larger range than Class 5B
B. Class 5A has a larger interquartile range (IQR) than Class 5B
C. Class 5A has a larger median than Class 5B
D. Class 5A has a larger maximum value than Class 5B

11. Out of twenty randomly chosen college students, at least 8 owned a tablet. What is the complement of this description?

A. Eight or fewer owned a tablet
B. Fewer than eight owned a tablet
C. No more than eight owned a tablet
D. Eight or more owned a tablet

12. If P(A)=0.03, which one of the following statements is false?

A. The probability of the complement of A is 0.97.
B. The probability of event A happening twice in a row (with replacement) is 0.0009.
C. Event A is an “unusual” event
D. For each 3 times event A happens, there are 100 times in which A doesn’t happen.

13. A bag contains 3 red marbles, 9 blue marbles, and 5 green marble. If you draw two marbles, one right after the other and without replacement, what is the probability that they will both be blue?

A. (9/17) * (8/16)
B. (9/17) + (8/16)
C. (9/17) * (8/17)
D. (9/17) + (8/17)

The following table is the probability distribution for the number of courses taken by FHSU students in a certain semester. In the table, x = the number of courses taken, and P(x) = the probability of taking x courses.

14. The probability that a randomly selected student takes at least 3 courses is:

A. 0.151
B. 0.249
C. 0.600
D. 0.849

15. Determine the expected number (mean) of courses taken by students.

A. 0.2
B. 0.7
C. 3.0
D. 3.5

16. 40% of all people have blood type A. What is the probability of randomly selecting 2 people and neither of them has blood type A?

A. 1.20
B. 0.80
C. 0.36
D. 0.16

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Tutorial Preview …celebrities x ballot xx included in xxx November issue xx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx are xxxxxxxxxx to mail xx their ballots xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx xxx sample x Population: Readers xx Celebrity Statistics xxxxxxx Readers xxx xxxx in xxxxx ballots B xxxxxxxxxxx Readers who xxxx in…
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Preview: a xxxxxxxxxxx than xxxxx owned a xxxxxxxx more than xxxxx owned x xxxxxxxxxxx or xxxx owned a xxxxxxxx If P(A)=0 xxx which xxx xx the xxxxxxxxx statements is xxxxxx The probability xx the xxxxxxxxxx xx A xx 0 97 xxx probability of xxxxx A xxxxxxxxx xxxxx in x row (with xxxxxxxxxxxx is 0 xxxx Event x xx an xxxxxxxxxxxxx event For xxxx 3 times xxxxx A xxxxxxxx xxxxx are xxx times in xxxxx A doesn’t xxxxxx 13 x xxx contains x red marbles, x blue marbles, xxx 5 xxxxx xxxxxx If xxx draw two xxxxxxxx one right xxxxx the xxxxx xxx without xxxxxxxxxxxx what is xxx probability that xxxx will xxxx xx blue?(9/17) x (8/16)(9/17) + xxxxxxxxxxxx * (8/17)(9/17) x (8/17)Problems xx xxx 15 xxxxx to the xxxxxxxxx table: The xxxxxxxxx table xx xxx probability xxxxxxxxxxxx for the xxxxxx of courses xxxxx by xxxx xxxxxxxx in x certain semester xx the table, x = xxx xxxxxx of xxxxxxx taken, and xxxx = the xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxx x courses xx The probability xxxx a randomly xxxxxxxx student xxxxx xx least x courses is:xP(x)15 xxxxxxxxx the expected xxxxxx (mean) xx xxxxxxx taken xx students 16 xxx of all xxxxxx have xxxxx xxxx A xxxx is the xxxxxxxxxxx of randomly xxxxxxxxx 2 xxxxxx xxx neither xx them has xxxxx type A?17 xx a xxxxxx xxx of xxx students have x grade of x Determine xxx xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx 4 students, xxx none of xxxx have x xxxxx of x (This problem xxxxx all the xxxxxxxxxxxx of x xxxxxxxx situation xxxxxxxxx 18 through xx refer to xxx following xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx that xxx scores for xxxx exam will xxxxxx a xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx with xxxx of 60 xxx a standard xxxxxxxxx of xx xx What xx the z-score xxxx corresponds to x test xxxxx xx 85??1 xxxx What symmetric xxxxxxxx about the xxxx will xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx 95% xx the test xxxxxxxxx to 9515 xx 10530 xx xxxx to xxxx What is xxx probability that x student's xxxx xxxxx will xx above 77?21 xxxx test score xxxxx at xxx xxxx percentile? xxxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx whole number)22 xxxx percentage xx xxxxxxxx will xxxxx between 37 xxx 88? 23 xxxxxxx random xxxxxxx xx 36 xxxxxxxx are selected xxxxxxxxxx from the xxxxxxxxxx What xx xxx mean xxx standard deviation xxx the sampling xxxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx = xx Standard deviation x 15Mean = xx Standard xxxxxxxxx x 2 xxxxx = 10 xxxxxxxx deviation = xxxxxx = xx xxxxxxxx deviation x 2 524 xxxx is the xxxxxxxxxxx.....
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