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ENGL216 Week 3 Discussion 1 & 2 Latest 2017 March

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Subject: English
Due on: 04/16/2017
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dq 1

Processes and Instructions (graded)

As our text indicates, there are several differences between process explanations and instructions. For this discussion

  1. describe the differences between the two types of documents;
  2. discuss when you would use one or the other; and
  3. provide an example of one or both, either by explanation or a sample via a link or attached pdf file.

dq 2

Research and Ethics (graded)

As our text explains, conducting research for workplace situations is a little different than doing research for academic writing (see Figure 9-1). For this discussion, consider the topic you have chosen for your Course Project and

  1. describe the topic and explain the different types of sources you plan to review. In addition to literature reviews, are you considering conducting primary research for your project? If so, please describe. If not, describe what type of primary research could be used. Be sure to review the discussion of primary research in the textbook; and
  2. discuss any ethical or legal issues you might have to consider. Refer back to Chapter 1 for a review of these topics.

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ENGL216 Week 3 Discussion 1 & 2 Latest 2017 March

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Preview: each xxxxxx major xxxxxxxxxxx between the xxx are as xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx act xx xxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx something not xxxxxxx or teaching xxxxxxxxxxxx act xx xxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxx something to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx which explains; x statement xxxx xx clarify xxxxxxxxx or make xx understandableTo give xxxxxxxxxxxx somebody xxxxxx xxxx proper xxxxxxxxx of that xxxxx meaning or xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to xxxx xx explanation xxx a understandable xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is an xxxx of xxxx xxxxxxxxx means xxx person is xxxxxxxxxxxx its knowledgeExplanation xxxxxxxxx used xx xxxx a xxxx understanding between xxx communciations of xxx it xx xxx an xxx of guiding xx teaching Explanations xxx generally xxxx xx have xx effective communication xx that receiver xxxx have xxxx xxxxxxx as xxxxx by the xxxxxx Instructions are xxxx authoritative xxx xxx way xxxxxxxxxxxxxx sometime instrcutions xxxx also requires xxxxxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxx Collapse Mark xx ReadRE: Processes xxx InstructionsFreddy xxxxxx xxxxx this xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 11:04:20 PMProcess xxxxxxxxxxxx provide information xxx interested xxxxxxx xxx do xxx need instructional xxxxxxx They are xxxx used xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx with x bigger purpose xxxxxxxxxxxx provide users xxxx a xxxxx xx perform xxxxxxxxxx and not xxxx understand them xxxxxxxxxxxx use xxxxx xxx pictures xx help someone xxxxxxxx a task xxxxxxx explanations xxx xxxxx used xxxx describing an xxxxxxxxxxx explaining how xxxxxxxxx works xxx xxxxxxxxx steps xx developing a xxxxxxx or describing xxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx with xxxxxxxxxxx Instructions can xxxxx to complete xxxxxxxxx manuals, xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx that xxxx users understand xxxxx work or xxx a xxxxxxx xx done xxxxxxxx Mark as xxxxxxx Processes and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sabucdalao xxxxx xxxx Author3/16/2017 xxxxxxx PMThere are xxx of documents xxxx it xxxxx xx explaining xxxxxxxxxxxx paragraphs, and xxxx of steps xxxx using x xxxxxxxxx as xxxx tool make xxxx you are xxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxx very thorough xxxx your instructions xxxxxxxxxx are xxxxx xxx for xxxxxxx who would xxxxxx read an xxxxxxxxxxx compare xxxx x list xx steps it xx giving you xx emphasis xxx xxxx steps x list is xxxxx use with xxxxxx points, xxxxxxx xx guide xx which one xxxx first then xxxxx something xxx xxx come xxxx to if xxx had missed x step x xxxxxxx with x paragraph it xxxx well with xxxxxx directions xxx xx at xxxxx because you xxx explain the xxxxxxxxxxxx (building, xxxxxxx xxxxxx and xxxx I always xxx lost with xxxx a xxxx x list xx steps it xx defenitely better xxxx you xxx xxxxxx to xxx a furniture xxxxxxxx just like xxxx for xxxx xx the xxxxx Collapse Mark xx ReadRE: Processes xxx InstructionsTony xxxxxx xxxxx this xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 4:19:24 PMWe xxxxxx which document xx use, xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxx and mainly xxx audience target xx if xx xxxx that xxx readers know xxx to perform xx action xxx xxx only xxxxxxxxxx on the xxxxxxxx and summary, xxxxxxx explanati.....
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