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Classroom Observation and Teacher Interview Paper

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Resource: Sample Interview Questions

Select a site for observing and interviewing an elementary or middle school teacher in a grade level of your choice. A school setting would be ideal for this assignment. If, however, a school classroom is unavailable, you may choose any educational setting for children.

Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper on the interview. Include the following:

  • Site information: Teacher's name, grade level, location description, and type of classroom
  • Summary of teacher's response to the interview questions
  • An explanation of the importance of using developmental theory in the classroom
  • A reflection of your interview experience
  • Include reference page in APA Format 

Post, along with your paper, a summary or graphic representation of an item from your observation and interview that you might use to support development in one of the domains. This could be a lesson plan, a classroom management idea, a poster, a bulletin board idea, or any other item that you might incorporate. If you did not find an artifact you could use, suggest one the teacher could have used to support development in the classroom and answer the bulleted questions above. Answer the following questions about your item:

  • How did the teacher incorporate this into the classroom?
  • How might you incorporate this into your classroom?
  • What theory is this item based on?
  • How does this support development?
Please if possible all original work!!! Please have complete by 7:00pm Eastern Time Zone

Thank you in advance 
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Classroom Observation and Teacher Interview Paper

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Preview: the xxxxxxxx punishment xxxx he had xxx habit of xxxxxxxx in xxxx xx not x developmental approach xx follow and xxx a xxxx xxxxxxxx when xx comes to xxxxxxxx small students xxxxxxxx in xxxxxx x and x and these xxxxxxxx are very xxxxxxxxxx and xxx xxxxxxx a xxxxxxxxx personality if xxxx are continued xx be xxxxxxxx xx this xxxxxx when they xxx attending school xx learn xxxxxxxxx xx can xx said that xxxx approach is xxx best xxxxxxxx xx take xxxxx trying to xxxxx students and xxxxxxxxx it xxx xx said xxxx these students xxxx to be xxxxxx in x xxxxxx manner xxxxx would allow xxx students to xxxx an xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx would xxxxx them to xxxxx faster and xxxx an xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx pushes xxxx to learn xxxxxxx in the xxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx it can xx said here xxxx the xxxxxxxx xx not xxx best and xxxx not allow xxx a xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Therefore xxxxxxx this in xxxx it can xx said xxxx xxx learning xxxxx must be xxxxxxx in them xxx therefore xx xx necessary xxx the teacher xx completely stop xxx kind xx xxxxxxxxxxx that xx was engaging xx while trying xx teach xxx xxxxxxxx and xxxx it is xxxxxxxxx for the xxxxxxx to xx xxxx gentle xxxx the students xxx continue to xxxxxxxx them xx xxxxx.....
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