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ECO202 Unit 8 Assignment - International Trade

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Subject: Economics
Due on: 04/12/2017
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ECO202 – Microeconomics Unit 8 Assignment: International Trade
Unit 8.
International Trade
Think of the importance of trade in your life. Look simply at what you’re wearing today.
When you shop, do you look for the “Made in the USA” label? Perhaps you believe we might
be better off as a nation economically if we produced more goods in the attempt to become
more self-supportive. Perhaps you believe we should increase the amount of goods traded
internationally. Opinions and speculation vary as much as the number of economists that
predict economic climate. Having said this, as a nation, simply put, we trade. And with that
activity come many rules and regulations to try and ensure our best interests are protected.
Based on this;
1. How is international trade regulated? Log on to and click the “Trade Topics” tab to
learn about the scope of trade agreements and trade controversies. What is involved in “trade
2. Log on to and view the “International” tab, then “Trade in Goods and Services.
What is the current balance of trade for the United States? Has this balance been increasing or
decreasing? Based on the current economic conditions, how do you thing this balance will move in
the near future, and why? Your final product will be a paper that: Addresses each of the four questions above in total.
Is APA formatted.
The body is to be 2 pages minimum. The requirements for your assignment are:
1. Answer each question fully
2. Define the overall subject of each question.
3. Cite at least three (3) resources from this week’s materials. Students: Be sure to read the criteria and review the grading rubric on the next page, by
which your paper/project will be evaluated, before you write, and again after you write. Evaluation Rubric for Unit 8 Assignment
CRITERIA Deficient Proficient Exemplary Overview of the
Topic 0-13 Points
Does not provide an
adequate overview
or is missing. Complete
Answers 0-11 Points
unanswered and/or
poorly answered.
0-5 Points
Less than 3
references, no
assimilation to the
0-1 Point
Format has errors
that impede
presentation; and/or
APA not followed,
reference page
0-1 Point
More than 7 writing
errors, to include
spelling and 14-27 Points
Overview is
presented, though
may not be clear or
12-23 Points
All questions
answered with 1-2
sentence inputs.
6-10 Points
3 references,
assimilation to the
2-3 Points
APA format and
reference page has
few errors that do
not impede
presentation. 28-40 Points
Overview is clearly
presented including
all criteria outlined
24-35 Points
All questions
answered with depth
and clarity.
11-15 Points
4 or more references
and assimilations
show depth and
4-5 Points
APA format and
reference page is
clear, professional,
and error free. 2-3 Points
More than 4 writing
errors, to include
spelling and 4-5 Points
No writing errors. References to
Course Materials APA Format Writing Quality Points
Earned punctuation. punctuation.
Total 100

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ECO202 Unit 8 Assignment - International Trade

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