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Subject: Computer Science
Due on: 03/20/2017
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You are tasked with analyzing and documenting requirements for constructing a standard computer forensics laboratory for a recently launched company -- XYZ, Inc.. XYZ, Inc is experiencing extremely rapid growth with over 100 employees and continuing to hire new talent. XYZ specializes in cybersecurity related to the critical infrastructure industry.

Your analysis should take into consideration physical, technical, and legal requirements related to the computer forensics laboratory. In addition, you should consider potential lab certification requirements in this requirements analysis.

Below are the outlines:

Requirements analysis for standard computer forensics laboratory construction 

I  - Physical Requirements

II - Technical (Hardware/Software) Requirements

III- Legal Requirements

IV- Certification Requirements

5 pages with at least 4 references (No plagiarism)

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Preview: efficient xxx reliable xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx there must xx a well xxxxxxxxxxx computer xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx that xxxxxxxx the whole xxxxxxxxxxxxx process It xxxxxx be xxxx xx withstand xxx evidentiary challenges xxxx means there xxxxxx be xxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx in which xxxxxxx should be xxxxx designs xxxx xxx cost xxxxxxxxx and at xxx same time xxx compromised xx xxx way xxxxx & Browne, xxxxx Physical Requirements xxx first xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx of x forensics lab xx the electrical xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Having xxx xxxxxx electrical xxxxxxxxxxxxxx will help xx the safeguarding xx sensitive xxxxxxxx xxxx current xxxxxxx and drops xx electrical supply xxx plan xxx xxxxxxxxxx infrastructure xxxxxx be inclusive xx the total xxxxxxx required, xxx xxxxxxx runs xxx future expansion xxxxx Computers can xx very xxxxxxxxx xx power xxxxxx since insufficient xxxxxxxx can cause xxxxxx to xxx xxxxxxxxxx Proper xxxxxxxx on the xxxxxx of the xxxxxxxx needs xx xx made x circuit should xxxx no more xxxx 2 xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx serving xxx computers should xx different from xxxxxxxx serving xxxxx xxxxxxxx like xxxxxxxx and copiers x power conditioning xxxx should xxxx xx installed xxxx isolated grounds xxxxx feasible Every xxxxxxxx should xxxx xx plugged xxx the circuits xxxx a surge xxxxxxxxx (Nelson, xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx 2014) xxx workspace is xxxxxxx important physical xxxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxx lab xxx overall size xx the workspace xxxx affect xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxx means that xxx layout should xx carefully xxxxxxxx xxx basic xxxxxx of a xxxxxxxx lab should xxxxxxx a xxxxxxxxx xxx all xxx examiners and xxxxxx storage space xxx recommended xxxxxx xx space xxx examiner is xxxxxx 64 square xxxx but xxx xxxxxxx is xxxxxxx around 48 xxxxxx feet The xxxxx should xxxxxxx x processing xxxx with a xxxx equipped forensic xxxx station xxxx xxxxx should xxxxxxxxxxx a computer xxx all its xxxxxxxxxx like x xxxxxxxx two xxxxxxxx and a xxxxxxx surface Containers xxx evidence xxxxxxx xxxxxx be xxxxxxxxx and extra xxxxx provided for xxx examiners xx xxxxx hard xxxxxx and.....
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