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Subject: Computer Science
Due on: 03/04/2017
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Objective: Assess at least four different sources of data that could be used in a digital forensics investigation.

Competencies: Critical thinking

Instructions: In approximately 10-12 double-spaced pages critically assess at least four different sources of data which could be used in a digital forensics investigation comparing challenges regarding collecting and examining the different sources. Prioritizing them according to their potential usefulness with regards to three different events:

  1. Network intrusion
  2. Malware installation
  3. Insider file deletion.

Prepare your paper in Word. Include a minimum of 5 sources. The citations and the reference list in the paper should be formatted in accordance with APA 6th edition guidelines. Note:Also include a cover page, one-paragraph abstract, a table of contents and any appendix (if necessary), which do not count toward the regular length of the paper.

Tags aignment help different paper sources data investigation include used andthe reference list citations formatted minimum file length word accordance deletionprepare notealso appendix contents necearywhich count regular table abstract guidelines insider cover pageoneparagraph

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Data_Sources_in_Digital_Forensic_Investigations.docx (25.79 KB)
Preview: such xxxxxxx in xxxxxx and it xxxx reveals details xxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx made xx the system xxxxxxxx Service Provider xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Service xxxxxxxx xxxxx is xxx fourth and xxxx source of xxxxxxxx and xx xxx reveal xxxxxx details about xxx user who xxxxxxxx that xxxxxxxxxx xxx to xxxxxxx to internet xxx try to xxxxx into xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx In xxxx of the xxxxx details obtained xxx name, xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx e xxxx address and xxxx financial records xx that xxxx xxx mostly xxxx information are xxxxx and cannot xx relied xxxx xxxx is xxxx makes this xxxxxx and final xxxxxx of xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx (Goodrich, xxxxx Malware InstallationTrojan xxxxxxx worms and xxxxxxxxx types xx xxxxxxx constitute xxxx category of xxxxxxxxx codes that xx termed xx xxxxxxx It xx extremely dangerous xx the system xxx it xxxxxx xxx system xxxxxxx various means xxxx hyperlinks, emails, xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxx methods xxxxxxxxx types of xxxxxxxxxxxx and anti-malware xxxxxxxx are xxxx xx not xxxx use when xx comes to xxxxxxx as xxxxxxxxx xxxx on xxxxxxxxx their arson xxxx exposing users xx constant xxxx xx unauthorized xxxxxx or data xxxx We need xx consider x xxxxxxxxxx scenario xxxx will give xx a better xxxx about xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx In xxxx case an xxxxxxxx calls up xxx help xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxx slow system xxxxx and multiple xxxxxxxxxxxx attempts xx xxxxxxx the xxxx manager The xxxxxxxxxx at the xxxx desk xxxxxx xxxx the xxxx has latest xxxxxxx of antivirus xxxxxxxxx and xxx xx process xxx during the xxxxxxxx time period xxx it xxxx xx such xxxxxxx of virus xxxxxxx Prioritized data xxxxxxxxxxx System xxxxxxxx xxxxxx data xxxxx be a xxxxxx tool when xx comes xx xxxxxxxxxx against xxxxxxx attacks as xx will give xxxxxxx information xxxxx xxx sort xx abnormal network xxxxxxx thus giving xxxxxx time xx xxx investigators xx react to xxxxxxxxx Immediate step xx this xxxxxxxx xxxxxx be xx detect the xxxxxx files installed xx malware xxxx xx affecting xxx processing of xxxxxx and that xxx be xxxx xx tracking xxxxx of data xxxxxx and outflow xx making xxx xx tools xxxx Nessus and xxxx (Hill & xxxxxxxxxx 2000) xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx like xxxxxx and Windows xxxxxxxxx Tool Chest xxxxx in xxxxx xxxxx as xx gives out xxxxxxxxx information such xx network xxxxxxx xxxxxxx analysis xx running process xxx also system xxxxxxx and xxx xxxx without xxxxxxx the perpetrator xxxxxx any hint xx is xxxxx x difficult xxxx to detect xxxxx malware attack xx they xxx xxxxxx changing xxxxx disables every xxxxxxx anti malware xxxxxxx in xxx xxxxxx This xxxxxxxxxx in dealing xxxx new malwares xxxxx up xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx loss xx system Intrusion xxxxxxxxx SystemIntrusion Detection xxxxxx moves xx xxxxxx place xx compared to xxxxx place in xxxxx case xx xxxxxxxx to xxxxx affectivity As xxxx as a xxxxxxx attack xx xxxxxxxx on x system it xx essential to xxxxxxx remove xxxx xxxxxx from xxx network so xxxx it doesn’t xxxxxx other xxxxxxx xx network xxxxxxxxxxx su.....
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