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You are General Counsel to a world famous department store. The store has a big problem. Bianca the daughter of the chief executive of your state designs scarves and hats. The store carries her entire line of scarves and advertises her brand “ Bianca”. Each weekend for the past three weeks, a large group of protesters from a local church have gathered in front of the store carrying signs and chanting. Both the signs and the chants are upsetting to your consumers and your employees. Some of the signs and chants contain profanity as well as outrageous and disturbing allegations claiming a religious basis for some of the accusations.
One of your employees has just been involved in a pushing and shoving incident with a protester.
What can your store to stop the protesters or at least limit their activities? What are the rights of the store? What are the rights of the protesters? What about the employees who may have shoved a protester?

Tags busine store protesters employees signs scarves rights bianca chants disturbing claiming allegations outrageous contain consumers religious upsetting profanity just limit stop activities shoved protester protesterwhat incident chanting accusations involved pushing shoving