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In 2010, Greece received a bailout from the European Union that prevented default on its debt. Conditions of the bailout required laying off much of its public-sector workforce, and allowing multinational companies to operate what were once public-sector programs.

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Tutorial Preview …required xxxxxx off xxxx of its xxxxxxxxxxxxx…
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Preview: comments xxxx by xxxxx leaders when xxxx emerged from xxx eight xxxx xxxx talks xx when The xxxxxxx point was xxxxxxx more xxxxx xxx going xx be cut xxxx the pensions xxxxxx in xxxx xx amount xx the tune xx 400 million xxxxxxx the xxxx xxxxxx had xxxxxxx decided to xx taken out xxxx a xxxx xxxx have x deep impact xx the overall xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx of xxxxxx These austerity xxxx are going xx impact xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx a xxxxxxx people now xxxxxxxx in the xxxxxx sector xxxx xxxx the xxx at the xxx of four xxxxx from xxx xxxxxx of xxxxx people will xx this year xxxxxxxx All xxxxxx xxxxxx monopolies xxxx have to xx privatized in xxx first xxx xxxxxx of xxxx year Those xxx some of xxx jewels xx xxx Greek xxxxx Those are xxxxxx profitable state xxxxxxxxx Once xxx xxxxxx more xxxxxxx there because xxx of the xxxxxx that xxxx xxxx this xxxxxxxxx package is xxxxxxxxx which will xxxxx government xx xxxxxxx people xxxx government companies xxxxxxxxx measures will xxxx significantly xxxxx xxxx the xxxxxx of disposable xxxxxx available in xxx market xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx will xx severely cut xxx main argument xx the xxxxx xxxxxxx this xxxxxxxxx package is xxxxxxxxx that it xx going xx xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxx spike that xxxxxx is already xx And xxx xxxxxx by xxxxx the Greek xxxxxxx has shrunk xxxx the xxxxxxxxx xx this xxxxxx is now xx points of xxx and xx xxxxxxx rising xxx politicians are xxxxxxxx this as xx extremely xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx it as x necessary evil xxx plan xxx xxxx bail xxx agreement is xx be submitted xx the xxxxxxxxxx xxx put xxxx law However xxx biggest unions xx the xxxx xxxx organized x 48 hour xxxxxx partly coinciding xxxx that xxxxxx xxx they xxxx organized a xxxxxxx to coincide xxxx the xxxx xxxx if xxxxx demonstrations fail xxx the fact xx that xxx xxxxxxxxx ground xx slipping very xxxxxxxxxxxx Where did xxxxxxx borrowed xxxxx xxxx from xxxx they are xxxxxx a hard xxxx paying xx xxxx Paraphrased xxx The money xxxx is troubling xxxxxxxx Union xxx xxxxx from xxx corporate sector, xxxxxx from banks xxxxxxx in xxxxx xx nations xxx In late xxxxx Greece government xxxxxxxx that xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx had xxxxxxxxx huge deficits xxxxx A year xxxxxx it xxx xxxxxx to xxxxxx on the xxxx markets at xx affordable xxxxxxxx xxxxx and x series of xxxxxxx package totalling xxx billion xxxxx xxx devised xx the European xxxxxx the International xxxxxxxx Fund xxx xxx European xxxxxxx Bank In xxxxxxx Greece was xxxxxxxx to xxxxx xxxxxx spending xxxxxx In May, xxxxxxx approved a xxxxxxxxxxx fund xx xxx billion xxxx for the xxxxx at large xxxxxxxx 1, xxxxx xxxxxxxx in xxxxxx for all xxxxx loans, the xx and xxx xxxxxxxx that xxxxxx embark on x major austerity xxxxx involving xxxxxx xxxxxxxx cuts, xxx rises, and xxxxxx market.....
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