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Week 6 Course Project-Second Draft

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Due on: 02/12/2017
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Course Project-Second Draft

The purpose of the second draft is to complete the draft presentation of your argument. The second draft will add Section II (two to three paragraphs), Section III (two to three paragraphs), Section IV and Section V (if needed), and the conclusion. The second draft should include all of the sources you presented in your Annotated Bibliography and may add an image, chart, or graph as appropriate. If you have made changes to your list of references, cite each new reference carefully, both in the text and on the References page. The length of the second draft includes last’s week content and will be seven to ten pages of text, not including the title and References pages.

When you are finished, save the document as <your last name.Wk6 Project Second Draft> and submit it to the Dropbox by the end of the week.

The Project Second Draft is worth 80 points. See Doc Sharing for the following support documents.

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    Week 6 Course Project-Second Draft

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    Preview: of xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxx of the xxx spouses has xxxx a xxxxx xxxxxx for xxxxxxx especially where xxx of the xxxxxxx is xxx xxxxxxxx in xxx military Past xxxxxxx have shown xxxx high xxxxx xx education xxx a lot xx income in xxxxxxxx influences xxx xxxxxxx (Amato xxxxxxxx 2003) Education xxxxxxxx the communication xxxxx between xxx xxxxxxx and xxxx helps the xxxxxxx to resolve xxx differences xxxx xxxx may xxxx in their xxxxxxxx The stress xxxx arises xxx xx economic xxxxxxxx fuels disagreements xxxx issues such xx finances, xxxxx xxx partners xx be irritable xxx decreases the xxxxxxxx between xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx because xx these reasons xxxxxxxxxxxxx status is xxx proportional xx xxx risk xx getting a xxxxxxx However, people xxx are xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx have xxxx standards for xxxxx marriage and xxxxx expect xxxxx xxxxxxxx to xxxxx them with xxxx standards as xxxx as xxxx xxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx support, and xxxxxxxxxxx fulfillment from xxxxx partners xxx xx these xxxx standards of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and treatment xxxx partners, xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx may xxxxx to have xxxxxxxx and it xxx also xxxx xxxxxxxx of xxxxxx a divorce xx a faster xxxx for xxxxx xxx are xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Benjamin, Devid xxxxxxxx 2012) Many xxxxxxx have xxxxxxxxx xxxx socioeconomic xxxxxx is directly xxxxxx to the xxxx reasons xxx xxxxxx divorce xxxxx who have xxxx levels of xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxx xxx most xxxxxx the ones xxx complain about xxx lack xx xxxxxx communication xx their marriages xxxx are also xxx ones xxx xxxxxxxx about x shift in xxx values of xxxxx spouses, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx self-centeredness xx their spouses xxxxxxxxxx Devid Michael, xxxxx Those xxxxxxxxxxx xxx have xxx levels of xxxxxxxxx and income xxx most xxxxxx xx complain xxxxx physical abuse xx their marriage, xxxxx spouses xxxxx xxx with xxx boys, neglect xx responsibilities, gambling, xxxxxxxxx problems xxx xxxxxxxxxx problems xxxx is the xxxxxxxx where military xxxxxxxxx fall xx xxxxxx Previth, xxxxx These kinds xx aspects are xxxxxx to xxxxx xxxxx personality xxxxxxxx as well xx conflict over xxxxxx to xx xxxx values xxx are most xxxxxx the reasons xxx people xxxxxxx xxxxxx the xxx divides In xxx event that x military xxxxxx xxx one xxxxxx who is xxxxxxxxxxx advantaged and xx educated, xxxxx xxxx still xx problems Further, xx the spouse xxx not xx xxxxxxxx and xxxx low levels xx income, there xxx still xxxxx xx be xxxxxx There are xxxx reasons as xx why xxxxxx xxxxxxx in x marriage The xxxx reasons that xxx civilians xxx xxxxxxxx is xxx same reason xx to why xxxxxxxx spouses xxx xxxxxxxx These xxxxxxx range from xxxxxxxxxx about infidelity, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in xxx xxxxxxxxx growing xxxxxx personality issues xxx insufficient communication xx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxx et xxx 2011) There xxx other issues xx do xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx income xxx lack of xxxxxxxxx on any xx the xxxxxxxx xxxx is xxx likely scenario xxxxx men in xxx military xx xxxxx wives xxx have higher xxxxxxxxx will mostly xxxxxxx them xxx xxxx st.....
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