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Program Website

Many parents begin their child’s program search via the Internet. Therefore, your program’s website plays a very important role in communicating a first impression to families. Many prospective parents use the Internet to help them identify possible early childhood programs in their geographic area and then choose which programs they would like to visit or learn more about, based on the information they find online. This is your opportunity to market your program. An attractive and well-designed website should be easy to read. Visitors to the site should be able to find the information they need quickly, with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Please review the following childcare programs’ websites:

Bright Horizons:">

Childcare Network:">

For your Final Project, you will create the appearance of a website for your own childcare program and facility using either PowerPoint or Prezi. If you utilize PowerPoint, each slide will represent what would typically be seen on a page within a website. If you utilize Prezi, each featured point will communicate that information. Your “website” will be targeted toward prospective parents and must include all of the elements below.

Describe the following aspects of your program: 1) Name of program (Title)

2) Location a) Where is the program located (Ex: residential neighborhood, rural, etc.)? b) Is it easy to access from a major road or highway? c) Is it located in a safe area? (Please use the examples in the websites listed above.)

3) Scope of services a) What are the ages served? b) What are the hours of service?

4) Tuition or fees a) Is there a registration fee? b) What is the weekly or monthly fee? c) Are there any additional costs?

5) Philosophy or focus a) Select a theory from Chapter 1 that interests you the most and construct your center’s philosophy based on that theory.

6) In order to be prepared to respond to parents’ inquiries, describe a scenario that demonstrates how your center will address each of the ten NAEYC Standards: a) Relationships b) Curriculum c) Teaching d) Assessment of Child Progress e) Health f) Teachers (how you support your staff) g) Families h) Community Relationships i) Physical Environment (indoor and out) j) Leadership and Management (summary of your most recent professional development experience)

7) Provide examples of the following program information: a) Testimonials from satisfied parents (minimum of one, created by you) b) Daily schedule c) Photos of classrooms and playgrounds d) Lunch and snack menus (create a sample daily menu) e) Credentials and biographies of the staff (yours)

8) Critique one of the childcare websites listed above using the "Website Evaluation Rubric" (one slide/point). Be sure to attach the completed rubric to your slide if using PowerPoint, or incorporate the rubric as a point in your Prezi. For assistance, see “Link or Embed Files” (PowerPoint) or visit the “Learn” page on the Prezi website.

The PowerPoint must be 20 to 25 slides in length, or 20 to 25 points if using Prezi, not including title and reference slides. You are encouraged to creatively address the material using graphics, visuals, charts, graphs, and/or sound. Slides/points should be designed to clearly and concisely address the material. The PowerPoint or Prezi must be formatted according to APA style, including the title and reference slides/points. The notes section of the PowerPoint must be utilized (when explaining the NAEYC standards) to expand on your presented points. Be sure to use at least two scholarly sources and the course text.

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Preview: TeachingAll xxx teachers xxx professional attendants xxx certified by xxxxx and xxx xxxxxx the xxxxxxx level of xxxxxxxxx that is xxxxxxxx for xxxx xx offer xxxxx services Assessment xx Child ProgressChilds xxxxxxxx will xx xxxxxxxxx daily xx the teachers xxx experts regularly xx ensure xxxx xxxx get xxxx is responsible xxxxxxxxx from NYAEC xxx also xxxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxxx that the xxxxxxxx are receiving xxx quality xxxx xxxxxx HealthHealth xx our center xx a top xxxxxxxx Nothing xxxxxxxxxx xxx services xxxx be delivered xx required if xxxxxx is xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx is xxx top priority xxxxxxxxxx that the xxxxxxxx are xxxxxxx xxx best xx whatever they xxx doing in xxx center xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx be xxxxxxxxxxx in ensuring xxxx this is xxxxxxxx to xxx xxxxxxx They xxxx also be xxxxxxxxx guiding the xxxxxxxx to xxxxxxx xxxxx goals xx preparing them xx this very xxxxx age xxxx xxxx also xx continuously perusing xxxxx studies to xxxxxxx their xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx are xxxxxxxxxx to support xxxxx children when xx home xx xxxx they xxxx an developed xx a whole xxxx will xxxx xxx children xx the right xxxx both when xx home xxx xxxxxx Parents xxxx be encouraged xx the best xxx of xxxxxxxx xxxx up xxxx at home xxxxxxxxx RelationshipsThe community xxx the xxxxxx xxxxxx the xxxxx should should xxxxxx keep.....
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