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Backward Design

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Due on: 01/08/2017
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I have almost all of this assignment completed, so you will NOT be required to deliver 8-12 pages.

In your final project (the shared documents) you must include:

  1. Your Completed UbD Lesson Plan Template:

    a. Make adjustments to your first draft (submitted in Week 6) based on instructor feedback. This will serve as your exemplar for others regarding UbD.

  2. UbD Customized Lesson Plan Template:

    a. Modify UbD planning template that you were given in this course (or generate a new UbD template based on your needs and experiences working with the course template) to make it more time efficient for you to use in the future. For example: Add all the standards you will teach in your content area and grade level, so you will be able to delete the ones you don't need each time you create a new lesson. Additionally, you could adjust the boxes to fit the planning requirements of your school. pre-fill in your name and grade level, etc. -- whatever will make this a template you can use quickly and efficiently. Having the template housed online means you can access it from anywhere, share it with colleagues, and collaborate on other time-saving ideas regarding lesson planning.

  3. Future Lesson Plan Ideas: In graphical format (such as a chart or table) organize the following concepts that can be used in future UbD lesson planning. Support your decisions for items c, d, and e with research:

    a. Include the remaining four unpacked standards you identified for your grade level and content area

    b. Essential Questions for Standards (for the standards you selected)

    c. Assessments that are most effective for your grade level and content area (for the standards selected)

    d. Research-based instructional strategies that are most effective for your grade level and content area (for the standards selected)

    e. Feedback strategies that are most effective for your grade level and content area (for the standards selected)

  4. Professional Summary: Assess the effectiveness of UbD as a way to plan lessons that will result in increased student learning. Present your reflection as a 1-2 page professional summary that provides the research rationale for planning using UbD.

Your total project will vary in length depending on how complete and detailed your templates and future lesson plan ideas are, though aim for a substantial project around 8-12 pages in length. Most of your project will be in reusable templates or useful at-a-glance resources; the reflection should be in essay format, utilize third-person point of view (professional summary vs. personal reflection), and be supported with research. Your entire project should cite at least three outside and credible sources


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Backward Design

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