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Subject: History
Due on: 08/15/2013
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Choose the work of a second ancient author (if you chose Tacitus, now you addSuetonius; if you chose Suetonius, now choose Tacitus).Once you have read the second source, choose a topic in which you can comparethe two ancient authors. (Examples: legal concerns in the early principate, portrayal ofspecific individuals, presentation of military tactics, use of speech and dialogue,citations of authority, discussion of sources, etc.)Find secondary sources covering your topic.6Use the primary and secondary sources to discuss your topic, providing a clearthesis, support, and conclusion

Tags helpp1 sources choose second topic chose ancient secondary military discuion speech tactics etcfind dialoguecitations authority covering clearthesis support conclusion providing discu topic6use primary presentation portrayal suetonius tacitusonce read addsuetonius tacitus work

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Suetonius with Plutarch on the Portrayals of Caesar

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Tutorial Preview …unique xxxxxx and xxxx explains what xxxx of warrior xxxxxx was xx xxx hand, xxxxxxxx describes extremely xxxxxxxx in the xxxxxxx while xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx says xxx won or xxx lost, and xxxx and xxxxx xxxxxx give xxxxxxx on the xxxx of general xxxxxx was, xxxxx xxxxxxxx In xxxx of entertainment, xxxxxxxx was a xxxxxx author xxxxxxxxx xxx Plutarch xxx no better xxxx another, when xxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx xxxx simply xxx different approaches, xxxxxxxxx was straight xx the xxxxx xxx Plutarch xxx lengthened Plutarch xxxx his very xxxxx piece xx xxxxxxx describes xxxx Caesar had xxxxxxxxxx motives and xxx all xxxx xxxxxxxx that xx every little xxxx of Caesar xx has x xxxxxx to xxxx to grab xxxx of power xx Rome xxxxxxxx xxxxx Caesar’s xxxxxxxxx by mentioning xxx great favors xxx Rome xxx xxx people xxxx describes that xxxxxx has worked xxx way xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx by xxxxxxx battles but xxxx he get xxx power xx xxxxxxx his xxxxx and believed xxxx he was xxxxxxxx Conclusion xxxx xxx writers xxxxxxxxx how Caesar xxx grabbed hold xx a xxx xxxxx Tillius xxxxxx and was xxxxxxx by Casca xx a xxxxxxx xx his xxxx That was xxx time when xx had xx xxxxxx to xxxxx conspirators joined xxx others get xxxxx Both xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx that xxxxxx was stabbed xxxx twenty-three wounds xxxx writers xxxx xxxxxxxxx the xxxx left behind xxxxx states that xx left xx xxxx a xxxxxxxxxxxx legacy to xxxx Roman-citizen, they xxxxxxxxxxx all xxxxxxxxxx xxx order xxxxxxxxxx 2001) After xxx declaration of xxx will, xxx xxx…
Suetonius_with_Plutarch_on_the_Portrayals_of_Caesar.docx (27.21 KB)
Preview: of xxxxxx and xxx physique But xxxx does not xxxxx that xxxxxxxx xxxxx avoid xxxxx descriptions Caesar xxx not described xx a xxxx xxxxxx by xxxxxxxxxx who would xxxx ten men xxxx one xxxxx xx his xxxxxx in relation xx all victories xxxxxx Suetonius xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx as x tall, fair xxx well-built The xxxxxx described xxxxxx xx exaggeration xx the other xxxxx Plutarch described xxxxxxxxxx wellbeing xxxx xx tells xxxxx his illness xxxxxxxxx explained that xxxxxx only xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx fits, xxxxx and said xxxxxxxxx he was x healthy xxx xxxxxxx fact xxxxxxxx by Suetonius xxxxx Caesar that xx wore x xxxxxx wreath xx all occasions xxx he called xxx “dandy” xxxxxxx xx loved xx be groomed xx the other xxxxx Plutarch xxxxx xxxxx Caesar xxxxxxxxxx and always xxxxxxxxx Caesar as x good xxx xxx always xxxxxx him and xxxxxxxxx him as x dream xxx xx every xxxxx But Suetonius xxx more reliable xxxxxxx to xxxxxxxx xxxxxx and xxx personal life xxxxxxxx is more xxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxx xxx fact xx his love xxx war and xx chooses xx xxxxxxxx battle xxxxxxxx was found xx much lost xx his xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx he xxxxxxx Caesar’s for xxx battles and xxxxx write xxxxxxxx xx Caesar’s xxxxxxx battles He xxxx explained the xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx xx Caesar xxxxxxx his writing xxx also describes xxxxxxxxxx will xx xxx His xxxxxxxx give glimpse xx how Caesar xxxx to xxx xxxxx His xxxxxxxxxx can be xxxxxxxx negatively and xxxxxxxxxxx both xxx xxx see xxx dedication as xxxxx and other xxx.....
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