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Power Factor Correction

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Due on: 12/31/2016
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1. Watch the video

o Week 8 Video Lecture – Power Factor Correction


2. Consider the circuit demonstrated in this week’s presentation. Analyze the circuit to determine the following (include both polar and complex forms where applicable):

. Zeq

a. IT

b. IR1

c. IL1

d. Real Power (Watts)

e. Reactive Power (VARs)

f. Apparent Power (Vas)

g. Power Factor

3. Construct the circuit in MultiSIM and run a Single Frequency Analysis to confirm your calculations for the phasor values in part 2. Capture a screenshot of the analysis for both Magnitude/Phase (polar) and Real/Imaginary (complex). Create a table with your expected and measured results.

4. Measure the real power of the circuit and the power factor using a watt meter. Capture a screenshot of the watt meter readings.

5. Based upon the power factor, determine the value of the capacitors needed in each case to bring the power factor to the following values. Be sure to show your calculations.

. Power Factor = 0.85

a. Power Factor = 0.95

b. Power Factor = 1.00

6. Insert each of the capacitor values found in step 5 into the circuit one at time and confirm the power factor correction with a watt meter. Use a 5% tolerance for the capacitors. Capture a screenshot of the watt meter for each case. Create a table of expected and measured results. Comment on how well the desired power factor was achieved and any reasons for discrepancies.


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Preview: power xxxxxx to xxx following values xx sure to xxxx your xxxxxxxxxxxx xx = xxx Zeq Where xxx = R12+Xc2and xx = xxxxxxx x 100 xx = 1000 xx Power Factor x 0 xxxxxxxxx xxxxx equitation xx get C x 2 5680 xxxxxxxx Factor x x 95solving xxxxx equitation we xxx C = x 842 xxxxxxxx xxxxxx = x 00solving above xxxxxxxxxx we get x = xxxxxxxx xx Xc xxxxxx be very xxxxx Let we xxxx C=1FInsert xxxx xx the xxxxxxxxx values found xx step 5 xxxx the xxxxxxx xxx.....
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