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Electronic Commerce

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Due on: 01/17/2015
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Compare a public network to a private network. Identify the security risks of using a public network in e-Commerce. When answering this question we want to consider how the two networks operate, the differences between the two networks, where we might encounter these networks, who uses them and the security issues surrounding both. Compare a private network to a virtual private network. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using a VPN in e-Commerce. Again, in answering this we want to be sure we discuss what these two networks are all about, how they operate and the pros and cons of each. When you might encounter one or both of these is also a great topic to include here.

Tags commerce electronic network networks private answering want encounter compare ecommerce operate security public using discu disadvantages sure cons include topic great advantages pros surrounding consider risks question identify differences iues uses virtual

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Electronic Commerce

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Tutorial Preview …pros xxx cons xx each When xxx might encounter xxx or xxxx xx these xx also a xxxxx topic to xxxxxxx here xxxxxxx xxxxxxx network xx like a xxxxxxx network where xx a xxxxxx xxxxxxxx his xx her private xxxxxxx from different xxxxx and xxxxx xxxxx is x possibility of xxxx in the…
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Preview: might xxxxxxxxx these xxxxxxxxx who uses xxxx and the xxxxxxxx issues xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx A xxxxxx network is xxxxxxxx when compared xx a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx There xx no way xx know the xxxx policy xx x public xxxxxxx Since the xxxxxxx is open xxx all, xxxxx xx a xxxx risk of xxxxxxxx any fraud,.....
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