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ECO 204 Market Structure

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This assigment is for Ashford University, Not University of Phoenix. Please only serious help! I need help with the questions more than anything else. In an eight-to ten-page paper, describe each market structure discussed in the course (perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, monopoly), provide a real-life example of each market, and respond to the following for each market structure: 5 Ashford Library resources. Indicate how high entry barriers into a Perfect competition will influence Long-run profitability of the firms Cost efficiency of the firms in the industry Likelihood that some inefficient firms will survive Incentive of entrepreneurs to develop substitutes for the product supplied by the firms 2. Are competitive pressures present in markets with high barriers to entry? Explain. 3. Describe which market structure you would prefer for selling products. Explain why and support your answer with the characteristics of that market. 4. Describe which market structure you would prefer for buying products. Explain why and support your answer with the characteristics of that market. 5. How does each market structure respond to price changes of the products that they sell? Explain whether each market structure will be selling elastic or inelastic products, and how this will affect the market price charged. 6. How does the role of the government affect each market structure’s ability to price their products? 7. How does international trade affect each market structure?
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Market structures and their impact on business

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Preview: become xxxx miniscule xxxxx the products xxxxxxx are different xxxx is xxx xxx new xxxxxx has to xxx in a xxxxxxxxxxx amount xx xxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxx up of xxx demand Selling xx buying xxxxxxxx xxxx is xxx kind of xxxxxx structure that xx most xxxxxxx xxx affects xxx economies and xxx other players xxxxxxx one xxxxx xxxx to xx on the xxxxxxx side or xx the xxxxxx xxxx would xx determined by xxxxxxx factors including xxxxxx cost xxx xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx When the xxxxxx is newly xxxxxxxxx it xxxxx xx beneficial xx be on xxx buyer side xxxxx the xxxxxx xx that xxxx would be xxx When the xxxxxx is xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx then xx would generally xx beneficial to xx on xxx xxxxxx side xxxxx at that xxxx one would xx able xx xxxxxx the xxxxx minimum price xxx then charge xxxxx on xxx xxxxxxxx of xxx market Government xxx International trade xxxxxxx Government xxxxx xxxx a xxx in this xxxx of market xxxxxxxxx on xxx xxxxxxxx that xxx being sold xx cases where xxx products xxx xx significant xxxxx or importance xx a country, xxxx would xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx made xxxxx would alter xxx normal course xx development xx xxxx kind xx market On xxx other hand xxxx it xxxxx xx international xxxxx that, would xxxx positive response xxxxx the xxxxxx xxxx would xxxxxxxx And while xx would also xxxx to xxxx xx competition, xx compared to xxx other benefits xxxx would xx xxxx (“The xxxx Market Illusion xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (n d xxxxxxxxxx Just xxxx xxxxxxx competition, xxxx is another xxxx of extreme xxxxxx In xxxx xxxx there xxx only one xx two big xxxxxxx that xxx xxxxxxxxxxx They xxx big enough xxx have a xxxx command xx xxx market xx in other xxxx they are xxx price xxxxxxxx xx some xxxxxxx cases, one xxx see that xxxx the xxxxx xx variable xxxxx is determined xx the player(s) xxxxxxx of xxxx xxxxxx structure xxxxx be the xxxxxxxx of State xx postal xxxxxxxx xx many xx the European xxxxxxxxx Given the xxxxxxxxx condition, xxx xxxxx assess xxx market on xxx following means: xxxxxxx Oswego xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx The xxxx idea of xxxxxxx a barrier xx to xxxxxx xxx level xx competition and xxx the monopolies xxxx is xxxx xxxx they xxxx For the xxxxxxx of maintaining xxxxxxx authority xxx xxxxxx player xxxx the help xx power that xx holds xxxxx xxx entry xxxxxxxx high This xx applicable equally xx the xxxxxxxxxx xx well xx long term xxxxxxxx As such, xxxxx the xxxxxx xx both xxx cases is xxxxxxxxxxxx they try xx maintain xxxxx xxxxxxxxx with xxx help of xxxxxxx tools including xxxxxxxx control xx xxx required xxxxxxxxx for the xxxxxxxx Competitive pressure xx entry xxxx.....
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