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Benchmark Assignment: Integrating Science and Mathematics

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Benchmark Assignment: Integrating Science and Mathematics
Create a unit plan integrating science and math content of fractions, decimals, and/or percents.
Ensure you have listed each of the science (NSES)) and math (NCTM) standards to include learning goals and objectives.
Create the unit plan including the following:
Clear-cut objectives that align to standards
Relevant materials and resources
Differentiation of instruction to address the diverse needs of students. Name the differentiation strategies for the specific diverse groups.
Problem solving and inquiry strategies
The 12 science processes
Concrete manipulatives to help develop science and fraction/decimal sense
Informal and/or formal assessment that align with objectives
Authentic, formative and/or summative assessments
Allow for student reflection
Write a narrative of 1,000-1,250-words that addresses the assignment criteria, gives specific examples from the unit plan,and state your rationale.

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Benchmark Assignment: Integrating Science and Mathematics

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Preview: for xxxxxxxxxxxx is xxxxxxxx with this xxxx of lessons xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Partner xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1 xxxxxxx _______________________ If xxxxxxx is 5 x cents xxx xxxxxx how xxxx postage will xxxx letter require?Letter x weighed_______________________ xx xxxxxxx is x 5 cents xxx gram, how xxxx postage xxxx xxxx letter xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 3 weighed_______________________If xxxxxxx is 2 x cents xxx xxxxxx how xxxx postage will xxxx letter require?Letter x weighed_______________________If xxxxxxx xx 2 x cents per xxxxxx how much xxxxxxx will xxxx xxxxxx require?Continue xxxxxxxxx to match xxx number of xxxxxxxxx letters xx xxxxx and xxx for calculation xx postage – xxxxxxx even xxxxxxx xxxx small xxxxxxxx REFLECTION: Was x larger letter xxxxxx a xxxxxxxx xxxx expensive xxxxxxx Was a xxxxxxx letter always x lighter, xxxx xxxxxxxxx letter? xxx or why xxxxxxxxxx three deals xxxx percentages, xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx you xxxx need to xxxxxx the National xxxx standards xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx AND xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx order, and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx models, and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx constancy, xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and functionWhich xx the twelve xxxxx science xxxxxxxxx xxx used xx this lesson:http://my xxxxx edu/~jdpeter/THE%20SCIENCE%20PROCESSES htmObservationMeasurementClassificationQuantificationInferringPredictingRelationshipsCommunicationInterpreting xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx definitionsHypothesizingExperimentingASSESSMENTS:Formative xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx for accuracy xx worksheets during xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx assessment: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx RESOURCES:Money xxxxx attached)Coupon sheet xxxxx attached)Handout (in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BarsCoupon xxxxxxxxxxx xx LESSON:Students xxxx go “shopping” xxxx money and xxxxxxx they xxxx xxxxxx on xxx other two xxxxxxx in this xxxx Each xxxxxx xxxx be xxx a percentage xxx their purchase xxxx will xxxx xx compute xxx final purchase xxxxx for their xxxxxx items xxxxxxxx xxxxx time xxxxx such as xxxxx and granola xxxxx etc x xxxxxx they xxx purchase them xxx snack time xxxxx are xxxxxx xx teacher xx accommodate differentiation xx learners and xxxxxxxxxxx pair xxxxxx xxxxxxxx with xxxx advanced students, xxx ESL students xxxx native xxxxxxxxx xxx example, xx required for xxxx class’ special xxxxxxxx WORKSHEET/HANDOUTNAME xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2________________________You xxxx earned play xxxxx during this xxxx that xxx xxx spend xxxxx on snacks xxx snack time xxxx student xxx xxxxx to xxxxx Our snacks xxx expensive, however! xxxxxxx worry, xxxxx xx a xxx of coupons xxx can draw xxxx to xxxxxx xxx price xx your chosen xxxxx First, choose x coupon xxxx xxxxxx how xxxx less your xxxxxx snack will xxxx with xxxx xxxxxx discount xxx if you xxxx enough money xx buy xx xx the xxxxxxx price You xxx your partner xxx combine xxxx xxxxx and xxxxx snacks, if xxx like Snack xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Coupon.....
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