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Due on: 08/10/2013
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Your company's proposal coordinator has requested that you develop a company response for the following systems modelling theory issues that are to be incorporated into a response to an RFP. The resulting contract is important for company's long-term survival.

As with all such requests, the coordinator is going to evaluate your submission based upon the amount of work that it is going to take before it can be inserted into the final response. Some degree of rewrite is always expected for consistency, but the coordinator is not going to be impressed if she's going to have to ask someone to elaborate your content or to completely rewrite what you say. Aim for at least 200 words per issue. What she is looking for is a sound technical response that would convince the prospective client that the company really knows systems modelling theory.

Prototyping approach
Skepticism and testing during model design
Handling of multiple breakeven points

Prepare you responses in a single file, either text or MS Word document, and submit.

The text book used for the class is Management science: The art of modeling with Spreadsheets. (3rd ed.).

Additional Requirements

Min Words: 800
Level of Detail: Show all work

Tags response response going coordinator words modelling rewrite work systems text companys company designhandling model 800level multiple breakeven testing theoryprototyping client prospective really knows pointsprepare approachbrainstormingskepticism responses book submitthe used management modeling

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Systems modelling theory issues

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Preview: team xxxxxxxxxxx all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx involved in xxxxxx The moment xxx client xxxxxxx xxx final xxxxxxxxxx the requirement xxxx be freezed xxxxxxxxxxx comes xx xxxxx when xxx team is xxxxxx to determine xxx process xxx xxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxx requirements and xxxxxxxxx It also xxxxx in xxxxxxxxxxxx x roadmap xxxx key milestones xx the development xxx begin xxx xxx software xxx be shipped xx the client xx time xxxxx xxx a xxx disadvantages of xxxxxxxxxxx also In xxxx the xxxxxxxxxx xxxx not xxx enough time xx work on xxx prototype, xxx xxxxx use xxxxxxxxxx algorithm or xxxxx code To xxx client xxxx xxxxx look xxxx a minor xxxxxx nut on xxx back xxxx xx might xxxxxx a major xxxxxxxxxx It is xxxxxxxxx important xxxx xxxxxxxxxx time xx taken to xxxxxx the prototype xxx things xxx xxx rushed xxxxxxxxxxxxx Brainstorming is xxx ideal way xx generate xxxxx xxx the xxxxxx of the xxxxxxxx It is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx proven xxxx xxxxx executed xxxxx on standalone xxxxx might not xxxxxx provide xxx xxxx results xxx since various xxxxxxxxxxx and people xxxx varies xxxxxxxxx.....
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