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Art Lesson PK Practicum

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Subject: Art
Due on: 11/16/2015
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1) Observe an art or music lesson in your birth-PK practicum classroom.

a) Write a 250-word summary and analysis outlining the effectiveness of the lesson.

b) Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. \

2) Design a music or creative arts lesson for three-year-olds. Consider individual differences in ability, culture, and language. Lesson plan templates are available in the Student Success Center. Include the following in your lesson plan:

a) Clear, measurable objectives that align to NAEYC, NSTA, and NCTM standards

b) Anticipatory set

c) Vocabulary

d) Relevant materials and resources

e) Differentiation
of instruction to address the diverse needs of students

3) Name the differentiation strategies for the following specific diverse groups: a) Problem-solving and inquiry strategies b) Visual or audio resources c) Informal and/or formal assessments that align with objectives d) Authentic, formative, and/or summative assessments e) Include an Adaptation component where you state how you could modify this lesson so it would be appropriate for the K-3 age group

4) APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

5) This assignment uses a grading rubric. Instructors will be using the rubric to grade the assignment; therefore, students should review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the assignment criteria and expectations
for successful completion of the assignment.

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Art Lesson PK Practicum

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Tutorial Preview …evaluated xx students xxxx to follow xxx teacher as xxx was xxxxxxx xx sum, xxx idea of xxxxxxxxx art lessons xxxx other xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx students xxxx opportunities of xxxxxxxxx various skills xx the xxxx xxxx The xxxxxx Alphabet Pre x Lesson The xxxxxxx of xxxx xxxxxx is xxxx students complete xx animal alphabet; xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxx xxxxxx be xxxxxx in five xxxxxxx Standards Visual xxxx Concept xx xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx Visual Arts xxx child uses x wide xxxxxxx xx materials, xxxxxx tools, techniques xxx processes to xxxxxxxx create xxx xxxxxxxxxx art xxxxxxx STRAND 1: xxxxxxx AND APPLICATION x Exhibits xxxxxxxxx xxxxx objects, xxxxxx things, and xxxxx natural events xx the xxxxxxxxxxx xx using x or more xxxxxx b Identifies xxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxx xxxxxx things, xxx natural events xx the environment xxxxxxxx STRAND xx xxxxxxxx c xxxxxxxxxxxx understanding and xxxxxxx directions that xxxxxxxx 1 xxxxx x steps, xxx a series xx…
Practicum_and_Application.docx (23.31 KB)
Preview: reading xxxxxx the xxxxxxx has created xxxxxxxxxxxxx of the xxxxxxxxxx in xxx xxxxx so xxxx can get xxxx setting while xxx was xxxxxxxx xxx provided xxxxx for students xx develop their xxxxxxxxxxxxx Also, xxx xxxxxxx incorporated xxxxxxxx that students xxxxx find at xxxx to xxxxxx xxx like xxxxxx of red xxxxxx Assessments were xxxxxxxxxxxx at xxxxxxx xxxxxx of xxx lesson Observations xxxx taken for xxxxxxxxxxx participation xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx evaluating xxx student’s creations xx terms of xxx character’s xxxxx xxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of the xxxxx Also, those xxxxxxxx in xxxxxxx x paragraph xxxxx the story xxxx also assessed xxxxxxxxxxx their xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx skills xxxxxxx was also xxxxxxxxx as students xxxx to xxxxxx xxx teacher xx she was xxxxxxx In sum, xxx idea xx xxxxxxxxx art xxxxxxx with other xxxxxxxx present students xxxx opportunities xx xxxxxxxxx various xxxxxx at the xxxx time The xxxxxx AlphabetPre x xxxxxxxxx purpose xx this lesson xx that students xxxxxxxx an xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx therefore xxx lesson should xx taught in xxxx lessons xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx 1: xxxxxxx and Understands xxxxxx Arts The xxxxx uses x xxxx variety xx materials, media, xxxxxx techniques and xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxx xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx art Science xxxxxx 1: INQUIRY xxx APPLICATIONa xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx about xxxxxxxx living things, xxx other natural xxxxxx in xxx xxxxxxxxxxx by xxxxx 1 or xxxx senses b xxxxxxxxxx attributes xx xxxxxxxx living xxxxxxx and natural xxxxxx in the xxxxxxxxxxx LanguageSTRAND xx xxxxxxxx c xxxxxxxxxxxx understanding and xxxxxxx directions that xxxxxxxx 1 xxxxx x steps, xxx a series xx unrelated sequences xx action xxxxxx xx EMERGENT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx d With xxxxxxxxx and support xxxxx connections xxxxxxx xxxxx events xxx personal experiences xxx used standards xxx this xxxxxx xxx from.....
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