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UMUC ARTH204 Film Report 1

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Subject: Art
Due on: 10/31/2014
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Question" title="'Film report 1' - assignments">Film Report" alt="""="" 0px="" no-repeat="" transparent;"="">Due Sep 1, 2014 11:30 PM

Film Report 1 [FR1]

Due in both LEO Assignments folder and Film Reports Discussion.

[Full Project Descriptions listed in Syllabus>Additional Instructions.]


A = 9-10 points

B = 7-8 points

C = 5-6 points

D = 4 points

F = 0-3 points

Tech specs for submissions to Film Reports in your Assignments folder: 300+ words; 1-inch margins all around; 12 pt. font; double-spaced; name, title and page number in footer or header on every page; title your Report with the name of the film on which you are reporting, centered, in bold font; you may also expand the title as you please, according to your approach in your writing.

These Film Reports may consider, comment on, and interconnect the aesthetic and technical aspects of the films, such as:

• editing, montage, filmic structure

• cinematography, camerawork, lighting

• directing

• screenwriting

• acting

• production design, sets, costumes, special effects, style

• music and sound

Equally (if not more) important will be to consider and write about the following:

• what (and how) do movies mean?

• theme, content, genre, intention, audience

• social dimension and function: what the film says and means about the world, and particularly today's multi-cultures (in all their broad meanings and permutations)

• personal dimension: how the film affects you personally (identification, engagement, pleasure, excitement, alienation, boredom, etc. — how and why?)

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UMUC ARTH204 Film Report 1

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