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Overview of Information Systems and Technology

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Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization

Overview of Information Systems and Technology (select intranet)

Reviewthe following scenario:

You are an employee of Riordan Manufacturing, which has just gone through a company reorganization. You have been reassigned to a different position and are now the information technology (IT) assistant project director. Your supervisor has informed you that the company is expanding and will open a new office in Seattle, Washington. You have been tasked with expanding the company’s IT infrastructure by setting up the IT system in the new office.

Writea 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that identifies the organization’s information systems and their functionalities.Selectone of the organization’s major systems, and describe its global interconnectivity and the potential result of a failure of a major component of this system. Includethe reasons to protect this system and the consequences of inadequate security.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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IT Infrastructure of Riordan Manufacturing

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Tutorial Preview …such xxxx it xxxxxxx employees to xxxxxxxxx technology into xxxxx design, xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx production xx component parts xxx energy efficiency xxxxxxx strength xx xxx IT xxxxxxxxxxxxxx system of xxxx company is xxx capacity xxxxxx xx unexpected xxxxxx of the xxxxxx and system xxx and xxxxxxx xx 20 xxxxxxx This helps xx the times xx crisis xxxxxxxx xxx IT xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of Riordan xxxxxxxxxxxxx is dependent xxxxxxxx on xxx xxxxxxx provider xxx the maintenance xxx management of xxx system, xxxxx xxx be xxxxxxxxx in crisis xxxxxxxxx If for xxxx reason, xxx xxxxxxxx has x problem or xx not available xxx entire xxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx can go xxx completely This xx a xxxx xxxx Another, xxxxxxxxx for the xxxxxxx in the xxxxx to xxxx xxxx be xx handle the xxxxxxxxxx load of x new xxxxxx xxxx the xxxxxxxx system Currently, xxx IT infrastructure xx just xx xxxxxx to xxxx with the xxxxxxx load and xxxxxxxxxxxx it xx xxxxxxxxx insufficient xxxx the perspective xx the expansion xxx company xx xxxxxxxx It xxxx not seem xxxx the current xxxxxxxxxxxxxx can xxxxxxx xxxx plan xx there is xxxx a need xxxx on xxxx xxxxxx However, xxx most important xxxxx in the xxxxxxx for xxx xx its xxxx management system xxxxx really needs xx be xxxxx xxxx of xxxx A Data xxxxxx is a xxxxxxxx facility xxxx xxxxxx you xx store and xxxxxx the servers, xxxxxxxx and xxxxx xxxxxxxx equipment xx control The xxxxxxxx environment of xxx company xx xxxxxxxx of…
IT_Infrastructure_of_Riordan_Manufacturing.docx (32.79 KB)
Preview: and xxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx company with xxx clients Key xxxxxx in xxx xxxxxxxx environment xxxxxxx the administrator, xxx users (security xxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxx and xxx accounting department xxx data includes xxxxxx data xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx services xxxxxxx and solutions xxxxxxxxx This is xxxxxxxx confidential xxx xxxx crucial xxxxx are certain xxxxxxxx and constraints xx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxx Manufacturing The xxxxx problem is xxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx not xxxx enough hardware xxx software systems xx place xx xxxx the xxxx of the xxxxxxx office and xx course xxx xxx office xx be opened xxxxxx the phishing xxxxxxx to xxx xxxxxxxx system xx has been xxxxx in the xxxx and xxxx x new xxx up for x new office xx process xxx xxxxx of xxxx can increase xxxx more so xxxx aspect xxxx xxxx to xx looked at xx detail while xxxxxxxx the xxxxxx xxx the xxxxxxxxxxx new office xx Seattle “The xxxxxxxxxxxxx Working xxxxxx xx organization xxxx tries to xxxxxxx Internet crime, xxxxxxxx reports xx xxxx than xxxxxx phishing attacks xxxxxxxxx last June, xxx most xxxxxx xxxxx for xxxxx data is xxxxxxxxx Roughly 70 xxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxx were xx the financial xxxxxxxx and online xxxxxxx industries xxx xxxxxx 2011)The xxxxxxx suffered a xxxxxxxx breach couple xx years xxx xxx it xxxxxx a big xxxxx In this xxxxxxxx breach xxx xxxxx addresses xx its clients xxxx exposed  While xx the xxxxxxx xxx email xx information leak xxx not seem xxxx severe, xxx xx actually xx .....
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