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You are starting your own Internet business. You decide to form a company that will sell cookbooks online. is scheduled to launch 6 months from today. You estimate that the annual cost of this business will be as follows:

Technology (Web design and maintenance)

Postage and handling


Inventory of cookbooks



Part I

Deliverable Length: 1 graph plus calculations

You must give up your full-time job, which paid $50,000 per year, and you worked part-time for half of the year.

The average retail price of the cookbooks will be $30, and their average cost will be $20.

Assume that the equation for demand is Q = 10,000 – 9,000P, where

Q = the number of cookbooks sold per month

P = the retail price of books.

Show what the demand curve would look like if you sold the books between $25 and $35.

Part II

Deliverable Length: 1,000–1,500 words

Address the following questions:

1. What is the elasticity of the demand for cookbooks bought this way?
2. Is the business worth pursuing so far?
3. Why or why not?
4. Suppose that you expect to sell about 22,000 cookbooks per month online, and assume your overhead, technology, and equipment costs are fixed.
5. What are your total costs?
6. What are your marginal costs?
7. What are the implications of operating in the short run and the long run?
8. As your business grows, how must you consider the issues regarding diminishing marginal returns and economies of scale?
9. What market structure have you entered, and why?
10. What can you do to guarantee success in this market?
11. Can you use price discrimination in this business?
12. What pricing strategy might you use?

Objective: Describe and apply the economic perspectives of scarcity and opportunity costs.
Demonstrate skills in using the tools of economics for decision making for the firm operating in the market economy to include supply and demand, elasticity of demand, consumer behavior and utility maximization, and the costs of production both short-run and long-run.
Explain and cite examples of the various forms of market structure; pure competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly.
Analyze current news events and apply basic economic concepts to everyday problems and situations.
Demonstrate the ability to clearly present views in written and/or oral expression.

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Additional Requirements

Min Words: 1000
Max Words: 1500

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Tutorial Preview …month xxxx P=$35, x =10000 – xxxxxxx = 10000-3150 xxxxx cookbooks xxx xxxxx P x 0 10000 x 5 9775 x 9550 x x 9325 xx 9100 12 x 8875 15 xxxx 17 x xxxx 20 xxxx 22 5 xxxx 25 7750 xx 5 xxxx xx 7300 xx 5 7075 xx 6850 37 x 6625 xx xxxx 42 x 6175 45 xxxx 47 5 xxxx 50 xxxx xx 5 xxxx 55 5050 xx 5 4825 xx 4600 xx x 4375 xx 4150 67 x 3925 70 xxxx 72 x xxxx 75 xxxx 77 5 xxxx 80 2800 xx 5…
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Preview: not xxxxxxxxx substitutable xxxxxxxx against my xxxxxxx Such sites xxxx coming xx xx the xxxx run and xxxx reduce the xxxxxx faced xx xx This xx turn reduces xx profits since x have x xxxxxxx market xx serve However xxx market reaches xxx long xxx xxxxxxxxxxx when xxxxx sufficient number xx firms in xxx market xxxx xxxx each xxxxx including mine, xxx earning zero xxxxxxxx i x xxx in xxx long run xxxx though I xx earning xxxx xxxxxxx in xxx long run, x still receive x rate xx xxxxxx from xxx website which xxxxxx my opportunity xxxx of xxx xxxx time xxx forgone Hence x will continue xxxx the xxxxxxxx xxxxx it xxxxxx a return xxxxx is at xxxxx as xxxx xx my xxxx best alternative x As your xxxxxxxx grows, xxx xxxx you xxxxxxxx the issues xxxxxxxxx diminishing marginal xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx xx scale xx the short xxxx the technology xxx equipments xxx xxxxx However xx the longer xxxx as more xxx more xxxxxxxxx xxx sold, xxxxx will diminishing xxxxxxx to factor xx e xxx xxxxx effort xxx in) as xxx end selling xxxx and xxxx xxxxxxxxx since xxxxx are certain xxxxx factors Consider xxxxxxxxxx which xxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx maintained As xxxx and more xxxxxxxxxxx use xxx xxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxx the website xxxxxxx slower since xxx server xxx xx longer xxxxxx the large xxxxxx of traffic xxxxxxx to xx xxxxxxxx since xxx servers (equipments) xxx fixed in xxx short xxxx xxxxxx volumes xxx.....
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