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discussion week 4

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Subject: Education
Due on: 09/24/2014
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This discussion assignment is similar to the previous one (Discussion 3). To complete it, read the material below and respond with your assessment of what is going on and what should be happening differently.

Tip: Your submissions to this forum should not be repeats of last week's posts -- this one has a different focus and different solutions. A hint may be found in the assignment’s title, "Infant Grief and Loss". Think about why and how infants might experience grief and loss in addressing the situation below.

In a structured child care program for the infants and toddlers of teen mothers, the very youngest infants are in one small room with a caregiver. At four months, the infants are moved to the next room, with a new caregiver. At eight months, they are moved again - and so on until age three. An observer noted, "On the day I visited the center, the caregiver of the youngest infants was standing in the doorway of her room, watching the caregiver in the next room try to comfort a tiny, crying infant. The first caregiver looked upset. I asked her what was wrong, and she said, 'That baby was with me for the past three months; I really love him.'"

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