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CJ455 Emergency Planning

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1. Summarize the seven elements of an effective disaster communications

2.Identify three methods for communicating an “active shooter” situation to students and faculty on a college3.Provide an example of how a social media tool such as Twitter can be used in the event of a major disaster. Â4.Evacuation planning is critical during a major disaster. Give an example of a type of evacuation (i.e. security precautions for homes, methods of transportation, etc.) that might have helped to mitigate the crises that occurred during Hurricane Katrina.

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CJ455 Emergency Planning

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Preview: the xxxxxxxxxxx related xx the disaster xxxx and also xxxxxxxx what xx xxxx by xxxxxxxx to help xxxxxxxx communicators to xxxxxxx timely xxx xxxxxxxx information xx the public xxxxxxxxxxx going out: xx involves xxxxxx xxx accurate xxxxxxxxxxx given out xxx save lives xx disaster xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx He xx the person xxx delivers the xxxxxxxx and xx xx critical xx disaster communications xxxxxxxxx There is xxxxxxxxx communication xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxxx communications, Training xxx exercises: Disaster xxxxxxxxxxxxx includes xxxx xxxxxxx messengers xxx staff that xxxxxxx in all xxxxxxxx exercises xxxxxxxx xxxxxx and xxxxxx Regular monitoring xx all media xxxxxxx must xx xxxx by xxx assigned staff xxxxxx 2  Identify xxxxx methods xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx an xxxxxxxxx shooter” situation xx students and xxxxxxx on x xxxxxxxxxxxxxx In xxx active shooter.....
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