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Strayer SOCIOLOGY 300 Week 8 Quiz

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Subject: Sociology
Due on: 09/12/2014
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Question 1

Which sociology theorist predicted revolutions among the working classes against the oppressive capitalist system in Europe?

Question 2

Revolutionary movements in The Third world were fought mainly by ___________________.

Question 3

According to Theda Skocpol, social revolutions are set apart from other revolutions by two coincidences:

Question 4

Based on Skocpol’s definition of social revolutions, which of the following were successful:


Question 5

What are some of the underlying causes of Third World revolutions?

Question 6

Marx's prediction of revolutions based on class conflict occurred mostly in _________________.

Question 7

A revolutionary leader in Cuba who was influenced by Marx was ________________.

Question 8

In Russia and China regime changes were led by "marginal elites". Marginal elites are:

Question 9

Charles Tilly contends that all of these factors must be present for a revolution to succeed except:

Question 10

Huntington distinguishes two revolution models, the western model and the eastern model. Which model (s) ends in the violent over throw of the political institutions of the old order::

Question 11

According to James C. Davies, revolutions throughout history can be linked to:

Question 12

The text suggests that an evaluation of popular support for a revolution should include at least five different groups. Which selection below is not identified as a possibility?

Question 13

One might conclude that revolution leaders are often drawn from which segments of the population?

Question 14

Peasants become revolutionaries for a number of reasons. One reason is that economic modernization changes relationships between peasants and landlords. Which selection is not an example of a change in the relationship between peasants and landlords?

Question 15

Given the history of exploitation from outsiders, some rural peasants resist aspiring guerilla organizers. An example (s) would be:

Question 16

Though successful revolutions reduce income inequalities to some extent, according to Milovan Djilas, income inequalities persist because:

Question 17

Once in power revolutionary governments may introduce egalitarian cultural reforms. An example (s) would be:

Question 18

Twentieth Century revolutions have had the greatest impact in ______________.

Question 19

Revolutions in Africa were primarily influenced by:

Question 20

Non-Marxist revolutions in Latin America occurred where?

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