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Strayer SOC 300 Mid term Exam

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Subject: Sociology
Due on: 09/12/2014
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Question 1

A _______________ is a political system dominated by religious leaders and institutions.

Question 2

An example (s) that defies the commonly held notion that more educated and professionals are less religious is (are):

Question 3

Currently, ________________ of the world’s Muslims are Sunni.

Question 4

Harvey Cox and other scholars predicted, based on evidence from the developed world, that among developing nations the role of religion would:

Question 5

In Tibet, the _______________ is viewed as the country’s secular and spiritual leader.

Question 6

5 out of 5 points

Islam has two major branches, the Sunnis and the Shi’as. The split between the two groups came about because:

Question 7

Latin American Catholics are not monolithic. Beliefs range from conservative___________ to left wing __________________.

Question 8

Many of the 20th Century Catholic reform movements in Latin America can be traced to Pope Leo XIII’s criticism of ______________________.

Question 9

Since the end of the cold war, ___________________ has replaced _______________ as the major threat to American and European security.

Question 10

A full democracy or liberal democracy has more criteria including the following except:

Question 11

A simple definition of democracy is:

Question 12

According to Crawford Young, cultural pluralism is associated with___________________.

Question 13

According to Huntington, the first democratic wave lasted from ________ and was influenced by _________ and ___________.

Question 14

An important component of the definition of a liberal democracy is that competitive elections are not meaningful if:

Question 15

Barrington Moore, Jr.'s widely acclaimed study of economic and political change identified three discrete paths to modernization based on:

Question 16

Between 1990 and 2005, Third World economies grew by:

Question 17

5 out of 5 points

By the 1980s, most Latin American authoritarian governments were undermined by__________________.

Question 18

During the 1970s and 1980s, in East Asia a number of authoritarian rulers clung to power because:

Question 19

Dependency theorist explain political, social and economic underdevelopment by emphasizing:

Question 20

Example (s) of ethnic misclassification imposed by outsiders include ______________________-

Question 21

Examples of cases in which the spoken language gives political relevance to groups include:

Question 22

For many years, a number of developing countries show:

Question 23

In 1972 in Burundi, which group was the ruling minority?

Question 24

In Kapstein and Converse's study of countries transitioning from authoritarian to democracy 1960-2004, those in which areas experienced less stability?

Question 25

In Nigeria, which tribe is considered more modern and commercially successful?

Question 26

In South Africa __________ created racial classifications for their entire population that defied international standards.

Question 27

In many developing countries, poverty is manifested by:

Question 28

In some countries, ethnic divisions may be reinforced by class antagonism. Examples would include:

Question 29

In summary, during the 1970s and 1980s, ethnic violence increased in developing countries, and often coincided with the spread of _____________.

Question 30

In the early years of the 21st century, much of the Third World suffered from ________________ tensions.

Question 31

Modernization theory applied to underdeveloped countries has a number of criticisms including:

Question 32

Most analysts consider ethnic identity a ______________.

Question 33

Per capita income does not provide a complete picture of national living standards because:

Question 34

Philips Cutright determined that when other factors are held constant, strong democracies are correlated with:

Question 35

Political scientist have found that higher literacy is associated with:

Question 36

Poverty is associated with:

Question 37

5 out of 5 points

Proponents of modernization theory are likely to be _______________ and proponents of dependency theory are likely to be ___________.

Question 38

Recent survey data from 12 African nations indicate that tribal affilations are a major determinant of______________.

Question 39 n

Since the 1990s, wars between sovereign states has ___________, but internal conflict between cultural, ethnic or religious groups has ________.

Question 40

The Human Development Index (HDI) is a composite measure of:

Question 41

The Third World refers to countries that:

Question 42

5 out of 5 points

The average American earns four to five times as much as the average:

Question 43

The most dramatic third wave democratic transition involved countries in _________________ as a result of _________________.

Question 44

The process of moving from an authoritarian to a democratic regime is:

Question 45

The third wave of democratic transition occurred_____________.

Question 46

When Burundi held its first free election ___________________________.

Question 47

Why is the use of the word "tribe" sometimes controversial?

Question 48

_______________ presented the most notorious example of race-based political conflict.

Question 49

Federalism is a form of government in which people want to form a union without losing _________________.

Question 50

Secession is defined as:

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