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saint rel331 all module discussions

Question # 00025237
Subject: Religious Studies
Due on: 09/21/2014
Posted On: 09/06/2014 02:48 AM

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module 1 discussions


Why might journalizing enhance a person's character?

module 2


Why does Etty say we suffer, and how should we cope?

mod 3

Social Service

What does it mean to preferentially opt for the poor?

module 4


Which of Sara's enemies does she love, and how?

module 5


What kinds of religious groups must a society not tolerate?

module 6

Everyday Life

Who is the holiest individual you have met? where? when?

mod 7


Why is monasticism good for Buddhism and Christianity, or why not?

module 8

Inner Peace

How could transcending normal consciousness help one lead a more balanced life?

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saint rel331 all module discussions

Tutorial # 00024611
Posted On: 09/06/2014 02:48 AM
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Tutorial Preview …saint…
saint_rel331_module_1_and_2_discussions._.docx (15.68 KB)
Preview: from xxx reading xxxxxx “I have xxxxxx our destruction xxx straight xx xxx eye xxx accepted it xxxx my life, xxx my xxxx xx life xxx not been xxxxxxxxxxxxx I continue xx grow xxx xx day” xxxxx She wants xx be sent xx “every xxx xx the xxxxxxxx scattered over xxxxxx (223), for xxx life xx xx “one xxxxx prayer” (224), xxx to be xx the xxxxx xx what xxxxxx call horror xxx “still say: xxxx is xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx I xxxxx Etty says xx suffer because xx allow xxxxxxxxx xx get xxxxxx up in xxx unfortunate circumstances xx our xxxxxxxx xxxxx There xxx not be xxxxxxxx we can xx to xxxxxx xxx external xxxxxx working against xxx but we xxxx complete xxx xxxxx control xx our inner xxxxx Etty’s perception xx life xx xxxx it xx beautiful, and xx is beautiful xxxxxxx God xx xxx foundation xxx our strength xxxxx from within, xxxxxxx him xxx xxxxx be xxxxxxxxxx the supremacist xx optimism and xxxxxxxxx of xxx xxx life xxx from Etty’s xxxxx of view, xxx do xx xxxxx Draw xxxxxxxx from yourself; xx not rely xx others xxxx xx God xxxx the Holy xxxxxx Psalm 5-8 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx in xxx xxxx with xxx your heart xxx lean not xx your xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx in xxx your ways xxxxxx to him, xxx he xxxx xxxx your xxxxx straight Do xxx be wise xx your xxx xxxxx fear xxx Lord and xxxx evil This xxxx bring xxxxxx xx your xxxx and nourishment xx your.....
saint_rel331_module_3_and_4_discussions._._.docx (16.79 KB)
Preview: came xx Me xxxxxxxxxxxxxx the righteous xxxx answer Him, xxxxxxx ‘Lord, xxxx xxx we xxx You hungry xxx feed You, or thirsty xxx give You drink? 38 When xxx xx see xxx a stranger xxx takeYou in, or xxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx did xx see You xxxxx or in xxxxxxx and xxxx xx You?’ 40 And xxx King will xxxxxx and say xx them, xxxxxxxxxxxxx x say xx you, inasmuch xx you did it to xxx of xxx xxxxx of xxxxx My brethren, xxx did it to Me xxxxxxxxxxxxxx He xxxx xxxx say xx those on xxx left hand, xxxxxxxxx from xxx xxx cursed, xxxx the everlasting xxxx prepared for xxx devil xxx xxx angels: 42 for x was hungry xxx you gave xx no xxxxx x was xxxxxxx and you xxxx Me no xxxxxxxxxxxxx was x xxxxxxxx and xxx did not xxxx Me in, xxxxx and xxx xxx not xxxxxx Me, sick xxx in prison xxx you xxx xxx visit xx ’44 “Then they xxxx will answer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ‘Lord, xxxx xxx we xxx You hungry xx thirsty or x stranger xx xxxxx or xxxx or in xxxxxxx and did xxx minister xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx He xxxx answer them, xxxxxxx ‘Assuredly, I xxx to xxxx xxxxxxxx as xxx did not xxxxxxxxxx one of xxx least xx xxxxxx you xxx not do it to xx ’ 46 And these xxxx go xxxx xxxx everlasting xxxxxxxxxxx but the xxxxxxxxx into eternal xxxx ”Reference: The xxxx xxxxxx New xxxx James Version xxxxxxxxx © 1982 xx Thomas xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx biblegateway xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx preferentially opt xxx the poor xxxxxx aid xxxxx xxx are xxxxxxxxxxxxx without expecting xxxxxxxx in return xx It's xxxxx xxxxxx whatever xx can, whether xx be our xxxxx money, xxxxx xx shelter xx It does xxx matter how xxxx we xxxxx xx.....
saint_rel331_module_5_and_6_discussions.docx (16.33 KB)
Preview: recent xxx relationship xxx introduced me xx a pretty xxxxxxxxxxx woman xxx xxxx is xxxxx Moran, and xxx is thirty-three xxxxx old xxx xxx mother xx two middle-school xxxx boys She xx divorced xxxx xxxxx father, xxx remarried Her xxxxxxxxxxxx with God xxx focus xx xxxx is xxxxxxxx and I xxxxxx to have xxxx she xxxx xxx easiest xxx for me xx explain her xxxxxxxxxxxxxx is xxxxxxx xx encounters xxxx her                 xxx started going xx a xxx xxxxxx in xxxxxxxx 2013 I xxx been “church xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx xxxx Chestnut xxxxxxxx Baptist Church xxxxxx service was xxxxx visitors xxxx xxxxxxxxxx to xxxx the pastor xx “Pastor’s Place” xx room xxx xxx lobby) x was about xx walk out xxx main xxxxxx xxx saw xxxxx and some xxxxx ladies standing xx Pastor’s xxxxx xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx hands For xxxx reason, I xxxxxxx to xx xxxx them xxxxx quickly introduced xxxxxxx and started xxxxxx the xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx questions xxxxxx for some xxxxxxx I had x complete xxxxx xxxx and xxxxxxx a mini-therapy xxxxxxx about how x had xxxx xxx of xxxxxx for a xxxxx and was xxxxxxx for x xxx church xxxxx all the xxx experiences I xxx at xxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxx disconnected I xxxx from God xxxxx was xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxx a bit xx her history xxxxxx Jeff xxxx xxx way xx and we xxxxxx him up xx my xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx people xxxxxx hands around xxx laid their xxxxx on xxx xxx prayed x told them xxx welcomed I xxxxx like x xxx surrounded xx friends even xxxxxx they were xxx strangers, xxx xxxx I xxxxx visit again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Amber worked xxx the xxxxxx xxx.....
saint_rel331_module_7_and_8_discussions.docx (17.46 KB)
Preview: sum xx up, x think monasticism xx good for xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx it xxx only gives xxxxxx a symbol, xxx also xx xxxxx of x person trying xx live a xxxxxxxxx life xx xxxxxxxxx removing xxxxxxxxxx from the xxxxxx temptations Let’s xxxx it, xx xxx fall xxxxx sometimes; or xx in the xxxxx of xxxxxx xxxx “for xxx have sinned xxx fall short xx the xxxxx xx God” xxx to see xxxxx individuals attempting xx live x xxxx righteous xxxxxxxxx gives us xxxx and inspiration xx strive xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Women’s xxxxxxxxxx Bible  Grand xxxxxxx MI: Zondervan xxxxxxxxxx House xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx about xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx htm mod xxxx National Center xxx Biotechnology xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx normal xxxxxxxxxxxxx as, “either xxx state of xxxxxxxxxxxx awareness, xx xxxxxxxxx in xxxxx most human xxxxxx function while xxx asleep xx xxx of xxx recognized stages xx normal sleep xxxx which xxx xxxxxx can xx readily awakened” xxxxxxxxx This is, xxxxxx put, xxxxx xxxxx of xxxx is going xx around you xx using xxxx xxxx biological xxxxxx To transcend xxxxx we would xxxx to xxx xx the xxxxx sense, the xxxx Intuition, foresight, xxx understanding xxxx xxx be xxxxxxxx in order xx transcend normal xxxxxxxxxxxxx Charlie xxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Meditation, believes xx is our xxxxxxx as x xxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxx normal consciousness xx one of xxx lectures xx xxxxx “Our xxxxxxx as human xxxxxx is for xx to xxxxx xxx we xxx meant to xxxxx at ascending xxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx is xxx reason that xxx world is xxxxxxxx to xx xxx lesson xxxxx We are xxxx to learn xxx absorb xxx xxxxxxx of xxxx until, as xxxxxxx we outlive xxxxx and xx xxxxxx cosmic xxxxxxxxx To outlive xxxxx means to xxxx mastery xxxx xxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxx ourselves from xxx lowest human xxxxxxxxxxxxx to xxx xxxxxxx consciousness, xxxx extreme selfishness xx selflessness, from xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx from xxxxx anger, and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to the xxxxxx expression xx xxxxxxx (Lutes) xxxx he describes xxxx is the xxxxxxx to xxxx xxxx than xxxx you see, xxxxx in what xxx can’t, xxx xxxxxxxxxx that xxxxx are things xxxxxxx than what xxxx appear xx xx The xxxx.....
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