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Annotated bibliography

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Subject: Literary Studies
Due on: 07/30/2013
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Annotated bibliography on Gabriel Marquez. Choose four to five articles that you feel represent the research. You will then create an annotation for each source. First give the citation of the source. After the citation and in your first paragraph, you will write a short summary of the article. In the next paragraph, you will assess the source and possibly offer some criticism. In a third paragraph, you will need to discuss how the source has helped with your understanding of the work or author. 3-5 pages.
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annotated bibliography

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Tutorial Preview …writingThis xx a xxxxx conference give xx the brother xx the xxxxxxx xxxxxx Marquez xxxxx was published xx The Telegraph xxx Telegraph xx xxxxxx reliable xxxx media that xxxxxx all types xx news xxxx xxxxxxx is xxxx written by xxxxx Ensor The xxxxxx has xxxxxx xx to xxxxxxxxxx better Gabriel xxxxxx Marquez I xxxxx The xxxxxxxxx xxx their xxxx GABRIEL GARCÍA xxxxxxxx - BIOGRAPHY xx d x xxxxxxxxx on xxxxx 27, 2013, xxxx http://www egs xxxxx http://www xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This xxxxxxx is a xxxxxxxx biography of xxxxxxx Garcia xxxxxxx xx was xxxxxxxxx as one xx the most xxxxxxxxxx writers xx xxxxxxx Realism xxx article explains xxx achievements, about xxx awards xxxxxxxxx xxx Nobel xxxxx for Literature xx was told xx the xxxxxxx xxxx he xxxxx devolve his xxxxxxx for political xxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxx xxxx explains xxx family life, xxxxx his parents, xxxxx occupation, xxx xxxxxxxxxxx He xxxxx less time xxxx his parents xxx was xxxxxxxx xxx and xxx sent to xxx boarding school xxxxxxx he xxxxxxxxx xxx high xxxxxx and obtained x degree in xxx He xxxxx xxxx books xxx which he xxx awards Later xx his xxxx xx developed x lymphatic cancer xxx thus stops…
Annotated_bibliography_on_Gabriel_Marquez.docx (34.11 KB)
Preview: explains xxxx Gabriel xxxxxx Marquez did xxx want to xxxxxx his xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx to xxx world but xxx brother decided xxx to xxxx xxxx any xxxx from the xxxxxx and decided xx declare xxx xxxxxx condition xxxxxxxx It was xxxxxxxxx in the xxxxxxx that xxx xxxx novel, xxxxxxx of My xxxxxxxxxx Whores, received xxxx mixed xxxxxxx xxxxx which xx had stopped xxxxxxx This is x press xxxxxxxxxx xxxx by xxx brother of xxx Gabriel Garcia xxxxxxx which xxx xxxxxxxxx on xxx Telegraph The xxxxxxxxx is UK’s xxxxxxxx news xxxxx xxxx covers xxx types of xxxx This article xx well xxxxxxx xx Josie xxxxx The source xxx helped me xx understand xxxxxx xxxxxxx Garcia xxxxxxx I trust xxx Telegraph for xxxxx news xxxxxxx xxxxxxx MÁRQUEZ x BIOGRAPHY (n x ) Retrieved xx April xxx xxxxx from xxxxxxxxxx egs edu/: xxxxxxxxxx egs edu/library/gabriel-garcia-marquez/biography/ xxxx article xx x detailed xxxxxxxxx of Gabriel xxxxxx Marquez He xxx described xx xxx of xxx most preeminent xxxxxxx of Magical xxxxxxx The xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx his xxxxxxxxxxxxx about his xxxxxx including the xxxxx Prize xxx xxxxxxxxxx It xxx told in xxx article that xx never xxxxxxx xxx writing xxx political commentary xxx article also xxxxxxxx his.....
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