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REL250 Critical Reflection Paper II

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Subject: Religious Studies
Due on: 08/27/2014
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REL-250 Understanding Islam in Today’s World

Critical Reflection Paper 2

This written assignment requires you explain the concept of Shariah and how it is applied in contemporary Islam. Please respond to the following series of questions in a 6-7 page paper (approximately 2000-2500 words). Follow the prompts carefully.

As explained in the Vision of Islam book (pp. 22-25), there are five basic categories of actions (required, recommended, indifferent, reprehensible, forbidden) governing all aspects of human life derived from the Qur’an and the Sunnah, as well as judicial analogy and consensus based on the above.

Write an extended essay in which you choose three examples that illustrate the way in which Shariah is understood and applied in contemporary Islam. Note: you may use examples discussed in class (such as the penalty for theft, marriage laws or dress codes) but at least one of your examples must not be based upon the Powerpoints and class discussions.

In your analysis/description of each example, be sure to clarify the primary sources of Shariah and how they are viewed in relation to one another (i.e., the connection between the teachings in the Qur’an, Sunnah, analogy and consensus) and comment upon how secondary sources (consideration of general welfare and customary practice) may be a factor in the application of the laws.

Conclude with some reflections upon the ways in which Muslims are guided by divine law in every aspect of life. Include your own honest judgments on these issues.

Your discussion should make reference to assigned readings from the Murata and Chittick Vision of Islam book, other assigned readings posted on the Angel site and, most importantly, the Qur’an (especially chapters and sections that pertain directly to the issues you choose to discuss). Provide documentation by using the APA in-text citation method (see examples in the prompts below). Quote the Qur’an by chapter and verse. If you use additional sources, provide documentation and citation of your source: either a URL in the text itself (e.g.,””) or another in-text citation and then include a reference (“sources cited”) page.

Please submit your paper in the Drop Box provided for Critical Reflection Paper 2 on ANGEL by the deadline announced. Late papers, for whatever reason, will be penalized 3 points for every day they are late.

This paper will be graded on a 20 point scale according to the following rubric:

§ 5 points: assignment criteria and style (length, following the prompts, spelling/grammar, etc.)

§ 10 points: content (accurate presentation of information about the topic; coverage of each of the topics; demonstration of knowledge gained from the assigned readings)

§ 5 points: critical engagement with and reflections upon the questions/issues raised.

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REL250 Critical Reflection Paper II

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