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mha612 week 4 discussion

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Subject: Business
Due on: 07/30/2013
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To participate in the following discussions, go to this week's Discussion link in the left navigation.

  1. Understanding Flexible Budgets

    Read Assignment 1 in Chapter 16 and in 300-350 words, answer the following questions:
    • What are the roles played by a budget and how many budget types are available?
    • Under what conditions is a flexible budget likely to be more effective than a forecast budget?

    Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

  2. Strategic Planning and Financial Planning

    Read Chapter 13 and in 300-350 words, answer the following questions:
    • What is your understanding of strategic planning and financial planning?
    • What if financial planning is not aligned with strategic planning? What are the consequences? You are encouraged to select a healthcare organization to answer these two questions
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mha612 week 4 discussion

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Tutorial Preview …budgets xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx – xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xx broken xxxx xx xxxxx xxx dollars xx xx xxxx xx xxxxxx company xxxxx goals xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx – xxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx…
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Preview: a xxxxxxxx in xxxxx business plans xxx finances over xxxx in xxxx x way xx which they xxx meet their xxxxxxxx needs xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx is x process that xxxxxxxxxxx which direction xxxx company xxxx xxxxx how xxx will achieve xxxx goals Both xxxxxxxx types xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxx collecting and xxxxxxxxx data, implementation xx plan xxx xxxx monitoring xx results Strategic xxxxxxxx is made xxxx a xxxxxxx xx give x roadmap for xxx business to xxxxxxx its xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx planning xxxxxxx business to xxxxxxx a good xxxxxxx it xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxx areas of xxxxxxxxxxxx Over all xx will xxxx xx increasing xxx revenue and xxxxxxxx the costs xxxx will xxxxxxxx xxxx money xxx the business xxx you get xx opportunity xx xxxx larger xxxxxx for the xxxx budget period xxxx is x xxxxxxxxxx as xxxxxx of stability xxx growth In xxxxxxx strategic xxx xxxxxxxxx planning xx both interlinked xxxx each other xxx work xxxxxxxx xx a xxxxx CITATION Wan131 xx 1033.....
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