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During the course you will be required to develop a Course Project having to do with writing notes for the financial statements of a fictitious Company. Create Income Statement, Retained Earnings Statement and Balance Sheet for a fictitious Company. While creating the financial statements make sure that you include relevant items, to be able to write the disclosure notes for the items detailed below. You will hand in the project at the end of Week 7. In order to assist you in writing the notes, as an example the">2014 Annual Report of Walmart is made available for you to use. Please go over page # 42 to 45 for Note # 1 " Summary of Significant Accounting Policies" and pages 45-61 for Note # 2 of this report. Although you may use these as an example, you are not to use their actual notes, or the notes from any other company, because this would be considered plagiarism (and if discovered, would result in a grade of “F,” or zero points for the assignment).

Your project should consist of, but not be limited to, the items below.

Note 1: Significant Accounting Polices (consisting of at least 10 items)
Notes 2–10+: Consisting of at least the items below.

Property, Plant, & Equipment
Contingencies and Liabilities
Changes in Accounting Principles or Estimates
Post Balance Sheet Events
Mergers and Acquisitions
Lease Obligations
Long-Term Debt
Employee Pension Obligations

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During the course you will be required to devDuring the course you will be required to dev

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Preview: $5,000 xxxxxx Stock xxxxxxxxxxxxxx on the xxxxxxxx meeting between xxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx they xxxxxx that no xxxxxxxxx were to xx paid xx xxx shareholders xxxx was to xxxxxx the company xx meet xxxxxxxxx xxxx meant xxx the following xxxx Inventory The company’s xxxxxxxxx is xxxxxxxxx xxxx and xxxxxxxxxx is stated xx the lower xx cost xx xxxxxx The xxxx is determined xxxxx weighted average xxxxxx Immaterial xxxxxxxx xxx included xx inventory and xxxxxx on a xxxxxxxx identification xxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and Equipment xxx stated at xxxx less xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx Depreciation xx equipment and xxxxxxxx is calculated xx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx method xx 20% and xxx respectively On xxxxxxx a xxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx cost of xxxxxxxxxxx is capitalized xx equipment, xxx xxx not xxxxxxxxxxx Property and xxxxxxxxx comprise of;Land xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 80,000Contingencies xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx company xx facing a xxxxx lawsuit from x competitor xxxxxxxx xxxxxx competitive xxxxxxxx and defamation xxx company also xxxx time xx xxxx if xxxxx with potential xxxxxx expenses relating xx employees xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx liability xxx covered or xxxxx insurable interest xx insurance xxxxx xx connection xxxx these future xxxxxxxxx claims, the xxxxxxx as xxx xxxxx liabilities xx meet such xxxxxx in case xxxxx events xxxxx xxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxxx Principles or xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the fiscal xxxx.....
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