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HIS 274 The Holocaust test 3

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Subject: History
Due on: 10/30/2013
Posted On: 10/07/2013 08:11 AM

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Question 1(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 1 unsaved">

On Sept. 1, 1939, German invaded __________. Sept. 3, France & Britain declared war on Germany. The 2nd World War began.

Question 1 options:





Question 2(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 2 unsaved">

At the core of the Holocaust Era was the ideology of hatred. This dogma was translated into genocide & 'Final Solution.' By 1942 the Nazis had temporarily conquered and controlled a great empire - from France to Moscow, and from Latvia to French Tunisia and Italian Libya. They instituted Hitler's master plan for a '________' - to organize the continent into a single political & economic system ruled from Berlin & dominated by the 'Aryan race,' based on exploitation, terror & extermination. German resettlement & exploitation of agricultural areas by 'inferior' people who would be treated harshly

Question 2 options:

New Order

New Continent

New Empire


Question 3(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 3 unsaved">

At the core of the Nazi ideology was a deadly vision of a racially pure society. The Nazis believed that the "useless mouths" (the chronically ill and the physically and mentally defective/challenged) had no right to live -unworthy of life; they Nazis turned to ___________ as a means of eliminating the "unfit" Aryan from Germany. On September 1, 1939, Hitler signed an order 'granting' such individuals the right to die. The Nazis killed hundreds of thousands of 'useless' individuals by gas or lethal injection, in a mercy-killing program, T-4, so-called _____

Question 3 options:





Question 4(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 4 unsaved">

The T-4 program became the model for the mass murder of Jews, Roma (Gypsies), and others in camps equipped with gas chambers that the Nazis would open in 1941 and 1942. These veterans of the T-4 program would later bring their experience to the _____.

Question 4 options:

Death camps



Question 5(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 5 unsaved">

The _____was the code-name for the mass destruction of the Polish intellectual elite. Over 10,000 Polish Catholic priests, teachers, artists, writers, politicians, technicians & political leaders were murdered in the 1st months of occupation. 1000s sent to concentration camps

Question 5 options:

A-B Aktion

A-Y Aktion

A-P Aktion


Question 6(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 6 unsaved">

Sept. 29: Nazis & Soviets divide up Poland. The central section (with Lublin, Krakow & Warsaw) was set aside to become a German colony, the 'General Government,' under the Nazi governor, Hans Frank; 1.3 million Jews lived there. __________, Gestapo chief and head of the SS with overall responsibility for implementation of the 'Final Solution' of the Jewish Question, was appointed to take measures to strengthen German ethnicity in the occupied territories, to create lebensraum or living space for German citizens, and to create 'mobile killing units' charged with liquidating all political enemies of the Reich behind the front lines.

Question 6 options:

Heinrich Himmler

Joseph Goebbels

Adolf Eichmann


Question 7(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 7 unsaved">

For Germany two wars commenced: one against western European allies and the another against the Jews. Confronted with the 'problem' of millions of Polish Jews now under German control, the head of the Reich Security Main Office and Chief of the Security Police, __________, was entrusted with devising method to deal with Poland's Jews, and was directed to implement a policy that became the penultimate stage in the evolution of the 'Final Solution.'

Question 7 options:

Reinhard Heydrich

Joseph Goebbels

Adolf Eichmann


Question 8(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 8 unsaved">

On September 21, 1939, a decree outlining the policy of the internment of Poland's Jews in sealed quarters or ________ near railroads was issued. Following the conquest of more territories with Jews living there, the Nazis introduced a policy of deportation of Jews by cattle train into the sealed quarters, which served as excellent fodder for forced free labor; its inhabitants in many areas were forced to become slaves for German industry in factories built alongside or within its walls. A Jewish administrative Council or ________ implemented Nazi policies & decrees.

Question 8 options:

ghettos; Judenrate

jail; the Elders of Sion

ghettos; the Elders of Sion


Question 9(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 9 unsaved">

________ was the chief engineer in charge of the system that transported Jews from all points of Europe into Nazi hands. Later, this Nazi officer traveled from country to country that was under German occupation to systematically plan the deportation of the local Jewish population to the death camps.

Question 9 options:

Adolf Eichmann

Joseph Goebbels

Reinhard Heydrich


Question 10(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 10 unsaved">

The Nazis sought to create horrible inhuman conditions in the Jewish sealed quarters. Deliberate policy and other factors such as ________, caused daily fatalities.

Question 10 options:

overcrowding, lack of fuel & sanitation

malnutrition, starvation, and disease

a and b


Question 11(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 11 unsaved">

_______ convinced poets, artists, physicians, journalists, social scientists, & rabbis to contribute diaries, & reports, to preserve the history of life in the Jewish sealed quarter, and to document Nazi inhumanity.

Question 11 options:

Dr. Emanuel Ringelblum

Dr. Janusz Korczak
Dr. Chaim Weizmann


Question 12(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 12 unsaved">

On November 24, 1941, in an 18th century fortress town near Prague, in northwestern Czechoslovakia, the Nazis developed their "model" ghetto, _____, to counter rumors in the international community about the poor conditions in the ghettos.

Question 12 options:





Question 13(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 13 unsaved">

Jewish persecution because of antisemitic ideology was not limited to only occupied territories within Eastern Europe. Consistently, in Western Europe and in ______, Jews were deprived of human rights.

Question 13 options:


North Africa

South Africa


Question 14(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 14 unsaved">

Germany exported its antisemitic policies, such as enactment of laws that defined who was a Jew, a census of the Jewish population, a requirement that Jews register their assets for eventual Aryanization and an edict that required Jews to wear a Star of David armband, to occupied countries ________________ of their political leadership and bureaucracy.

Question 14 options:

with cooperation

without cooperation


Question 15(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 15 unsaved">

In June 1940, collaborationist Marshal Philippe _________ signed an armistice with Hitler & Mussolini, & established a government in the unoccupied rest -the southern sector of France; his Vichy administration extended the racial laws enacted in the French non-occupied territory, to the 3 countries of North Africa: Morocco, Algeria, and ______. In North Africa, Jewish prisoners (foreign & local) were dispersed over 30 camps, which for all practical purposes were no different concentration camps.

Question 15 options:

Petain; Tunisia

de Gaulle; Ivory Coast

de Gaulle; Tunisia


Question 16(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 16 unsaved">

Western Europe was not the arena for mass murder; it was a staging area for

Question 16 options:

Deportations to the East via Drancy (France), Malines (Belgium)

Emigration to Madagascar

Deportations to the East via Basel


Question 17(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 17 unsaved">

This country ______ resisted any coercion on the Jewish question. Therefore, the Germans attempted neither anti-Jewish legislation nor 'Aryanization'.

Question 17 options:





Question 18(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 18 unsaved">

An unlikely American secret agent who traveled to France in June of 1940, to help Jews & enemies of the Third Reich, for safe travel across France.

Question 18 options:

Varian Fry

John Fry

David Fry


Question 19(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 19 unsaved">

On June 22, 1941, Hitler ignored a non-aggression pact he had signed with Stalin in August 1939, and with operation Barbarossa, Germany invaded the Soviet Union. Immediately behind the invading forces, specially trained mobile assault units of the SS, the ________, 'mobile killing units,' began the systematic murder of Jews

Question 19 options:

The Einsatzgruppen

The SD

The SA


Question 20(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 20 unsaved">

In the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) as well as in the Ukraine, local populations _____collaborate in the persecution of Jews. Confiscation of property, slave labor, random violence, and murder were commonplace.

Question 20 options:


Did not


Question 21(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 21 unsaved">

On _____________SS Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich visited Goring and had him sign an authorization to prepare and submit "an overall plan of the organizational, functional, and material measures to be taken in preparing for the solution of the Jewish question, the murder of all the Jews.

Question 21 options:

July 31, 1941

July 31, 1945

July 31, 1938


Question 22(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 22 unsaved">

The procedure was similar throughout German-occupied Soviet territory. Local populations were encouraged to murder Jews; the Jews were stripped, shot dead & buried. Most famous (or infamous, as the case may be), is __________, near Kiev, where an estimated 33,000 persons, mostly Jews were murdered, on the 29th and 30th of September 1941. This most appalling massacre of the war is often alluded to as a prime example of utter Jewish helplessness in the face of disaster.

Question 22 options:

Babi Yar




Question 23(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 23 unsaved">

In Sept. 1941, the Nazis began using _______________ : victims were shot or loaded into enclosed vehicles modified for the introduction of carbon monoxide to asphyxiate its victims

Question 23 options:

Gassing vans-trucks

Gassing taxis

Gassing buses


Question 24(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 24 unsaved">

By 1943, over 1,400,000 Jews were executed in occupied Soviet Union. The killers used language to distance themselves, referring to these executions as "__________," so that they could distance themselves from it

Question 24 options:

Special actions

Special killing

Special Jewish Treatment


Question 25(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 25 unsaved">

Despite the effectiveness of the Einsatzgruppen on the Russian front, there were problems with carrying out public mass extermination with demoralizing effect. Himmler suggested that a "more humane" and "rational" method of "disinfecting" the area was needed:

Question 25 options:

The construction of special annihilation centers

The construction of gassing taxis

The construction of special ghettos


Question 26(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 26 unsaved">

In relative secrecy, a bureaucratic apparatus could perform all the diverse functions necessary to uproot and ship to their death millions of people, because

Question 26 options:

They were detached from direct contact with the killing process.

They were inured to the notion that the Jews had to be removed one way or another,

a and b


Question 27(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 27 unsaved">

The German population in general, accepting the notion of the Jew as an enemy against whom it was legitimate for the state to take preventive measures,

Question 27 options:

Looked on with indifference

Opposed the measures


Question 28(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 28 unsaved">

American President Franklin D. Roosevelt & isolationism: Europe's wars were of no concern to US. On Dec. 7,1941: Japan attacks __________ in Hawaii -American naval base, forcing US to enter the war against Japan & Germany, on December 11

Question 28 options:

Pearl Harbor




Question 29(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 29 unsaved">

On Dec. 12, 1941, the ship '________' leaves Romania for Palestine carrying 769 Jews but is later denied permission by British authorities to allow the passengers to disembark. In Feb. 1942, it sails back into the Black Sea where it is intercepted by a Soviet submarine & sunk as an 'enemy target.'

Question 29 options:

St Louis




Question 30(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 30 unsaved">

The first death camp, began full-time operations -the first gassing of Jews- on December 8,1941, at

Question 30 options:





Question 31(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 31 unsaved">

The Nazi war machine had limited resources, including slave labor, much of it Jewish. Even so, the Nazis made a decision that _____________was a more important achievement than the value of their labor, and that the need for trucks and rail cars to carry the Jews was more important than the need for transport for the war effort.

Question 31 options:

the annihilation of the Jews

the annihilation of the handicapped

the deportation of the Jews to ghettos


Question 32(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 32 unsaved">

The plan for the total annihilation of European & North African Jewry was formalized at the _____________ on January 20, 1942. The one-day conference was convened by ____________, Security Service head and SS Chief Heinrich Himmler's top aide, to discuss the administrative policies for implementing the Final Solution. (Most of those attending were already aware that Jews were being killed, but the full scope of the mass - murder program was only now revealed)

Question 32 options:

Wannsee Conference; Reinhard Heydrich

Berlin Conference; Joseph Goebbels

Munich Conference; Adolf Eichmann


Question 33(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 33 unsaved">

InHitler's Willing Executioners,Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, laid an ample share of the blame for the mass executions on the shoulders of ordinary _______. Goldhagen asserts that one has to focus on the persons who "peopled the institutions of genocidal killing. These people were overwhelmingly and most importantly ordinary ______. While members of other national groups aided in their slaughter of Jews ... no _________, no Holocaust."

Question 33 options:





Question 34(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 34 unsaved">

The _______________ decree, also known as 'Keitel Erlass' instigated by Hitler and issued on December 7, 1941, provided the methods of handling "persons dangerous to German security." Those arrested under the provisions of _______ decree were to vanish without trace, leaving the population in the dark about the fate of the culprit, in order to achieve effective and lasting intimidation: to strike terror in potential opponents of the Nazis.

Question 34 options:

Night and Fog

Moon and Stars

Frightening Night


Question 35(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 35 unsaved">

Starting early in 1942, the Jewish genocide (the Judeocide) went into full operation. Auschwitz 2 (Birkenau), _____, and Sobibor began operation as death camps. There was no selection process; Jews were destroyed upon arrival. Between 1942 & 1944, the Germans deported the ghetto populations to 'extermination camps,' with gassing facilities in Poland.

Question 35 options:





Question 36(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 36 unsaved">

Six death camps were chosen according to their closeness to rail lines and for their location in semi-rural areas; they were constructed in Poland; the primary purpose of these camps was the methodical killing of millions of innocent people. The locations of 5 camps were: _____, Sobibor, Chelmno, Majdanek -Lublin & Auschwitz-Birkenau

Question 36 options:





Question 37(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 37 unsaved">

To process the murder of thousands of people, great pains were taken to deceive the victims. Jews deported from ghettos & concentration camps to the death camps were told by the Nazi that they were being resettled for labor. Once the trains arrived at the death camps, the Jews were told that they
would have to be deloused, but in fact they enter the __________

Question 37 options:

the gas chambers

regular showers



Question 38(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 38 unsaved">

By March 1942, the death camps operated employing ___________, a cyanide-based gas (carbon monoxide)

Question 38 options:





Question 39(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 39 unsaved">

The teeth of the victims were stripped for gold, which was melted down and shipped back to Germany. The bodies were then stripped of hair and teeth, and burned in ___

Question 39 options:



special kitchen


Question 40(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 40 unsaved">

The German concentration camps depended on the cooperation of trustee inmates. Known as _______, these trustees carried out the will of the Nazi camp commandants and guards, and were often as brutal as their SS counterparts

Question 40 options:





Question 41(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 41 unsaved">

Located in Upper Silesia, __________was the largest Nazi camp combining the functions of concentration camp and killing center. It is the institution responsible for the largest number of Jews murdered.

Question 41 options:





Question 42(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 42 unsaved">

Besides the Jews, this death camp in Upper Silesia killed Soviet POWs and ill prisoners of various nationalities; more than a quarter of a million _______ also died there; they were stereotyped in Nazi propaganda as vagabonds, criminals, and parasites.

Question 42 options:


Jehovah's Witnesses



Question 43(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 43 unsaved">

This camp in Upper Silesia was also used as the site for medical experimentation. Sadistic and brutal medical experiments were there by

Question 43 options:

Josef Mengele

Joseph Goebbels

Adolf Eichmann


Question 44(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 44 unsaved">

On May 18, 1942, the ____________ reports that Nazis have machine-gunned over 100,000 Jews in the Baltic States, 100,000 in Poland & twice as many in western Russia.

Question 44 options:

The Washington Times

New York Times

Washington Post


Question 45(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 45 unsaved">

In Oct. 1942, the British 8th Army, commanded by General Bernard Montgomery, stopped Rommel at the battle of El Alamein. Montgomery's victory over Afrika Corps. This victory was followed by Germans' occupation of ______, where the Jews suffered from Nazi persecution during 6 months.

Question 45 options:





Question 46(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 46 unsaved">

500 African-German children and 320,000 to 350,000 people judged to be handicapped either physically or mentally were

Question 46 options:

Sterilized surgically or subjected to sterilizing radiation


Starved to death


Question 47(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 47 unsaved">

In addition to the Jews, the Nazis persecuted and slaughtered ________. Many of these victims were political opponents, Jehovah's Witnesses, mentally ill, handicapped, "Black," prisoners of war, Eastern Slavs...

Question 47 options:

almost 6 million non-Jews

1 million non-Jews

half a million non-Jews


Question 48(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 48 unsaved">

In concentration camps, homosexuals were mistreated and tormented by other inmates; they were forced to wear

Question 48 options:

pink triangles

black triangles

yellow triangles


Question 49(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 49 unsaved">

Christian_____, priests, and Slavs, notably 4 million Ukrainians and Byelorussians, were also primary targets of Nazi Germany hatred during World War II.

Question 49 options:





Question 50(2 points)

.gif" alt="Question 50 unsaved">

The ________ -- Nazi term for their comprehensive & systematic program to solve the "Jewish question" by murdering every Jew in Europe and European North African, initiated by Adolf Hitler in the summer of 1941; it was implemented by Himmler¹s SS, when about 6 millions of Jews were sent directly to the gas chambers in the death camps.

Question 50 options:

Jewish Solution

the Final Jewish Solution

Final Solution

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