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Ashford ECO 203 Week 2 Quiz - Principles of Macroeconomics

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1. Question : When the jobs available in a market don't fit the skills of those looking for work, the economy is experiencing

Student Answer: frictional unemployment.

voluntary unemployment.

structural unemployment.

cyclical unemployment.

2. Question : All but one of the following factors may contribute to slow growth of productivity in the United States:

Student Answer: low levels of capital investment.

a high percentage of inexperienced workers in the labor force.

lack of investment in research and development to develop better technology.
lack of demand for output.

poorly trained or illiterate workers.

3. Question : The value of net exports is a positive number in the national income accounts when

Student Answer: capital consumption exceeds net investment.

exports exceed imports.

imports exceed exports.

national income exceeds personal income.

net investment exceeds capital consumption.

4. Question : If aggregate demand increases and the aggregate supply curve is upward sloping and unchanged,

Student Answer: P rises and Y falls.

P rises and Y rises.

P falls and Y falls.

P falls and Y rises.

P falls and the effect on Y cannot be determined.

5. Question : Which of the following is a result of slow economic growth?

Student Answer: Increasing tax revenues

increasing levels of pollution

higher unemployment rates

political tranquility

6. Question : Economists use the phrase "business cycle" when discussing

Student Answer: movements in interest rates.

changes in economic productivity.

fluctuations in employment.

fluctuations in aggregate measures of economic output or income.
fluctuations in the money supply.

7. Question : If taxes increase and the AS curve is upward sloping, then

Student Answer: output falls and the price level falls.

output increases and the price level increases.

output falls and the price level increases.

output increases and the price level falls.

output may increase or decrease but the price level will increase.

8. Question : The curve that shows quantities of total real output that will be offered for sale at various price levels is called the

Student Answer: aggregate demand curve.

real gross domestic investment curve.

aggregate supply curve.

yield curve.

aggregate individual demand curve.

9. Question : The presence of discouraged workers may cause

Student Answer: the employment rate to be overstated,

the employment rate to be understated,

he unemployment rate to be overstated,

the unemployment rate to be understated.

GDP to be too large.

10. Question : Real GDP is the

Student Answer: amount of goods and services available to each individual per period of time.
change in the quantity of goods and services produced over two periods of time.
value of the goods and services worn out in the production process during one year.
value of production of final output in one year after adjusting for changes in price during the same period.
value of goods and services produced as of a particular point in time.

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Tutorial Preview …the xxxxxxxxx supply xxxxx is upward xxxxxxx and unchanged, xxxxxxx Answer: x xxxxx and x falls P xxxxx and Y xxxxx P xxxxx xxx Y xxxxx P falls xxx Y rises x falls xxx xxx effect xx Y cannot xx determined 5 xxxxxxxx : xxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxx is a xxxxxx of slow xxxxxxxx growth? xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Increasing xxx revenues increasing xxxxxx of pollution xxxxxx unemployment xxxxx xxxxxxxxx tranquility x Question : xxxxxxxxxx use the xxxxxx "business xxxxxx xxxx discussing xxxxxxx Answer: movements xx interest rates xxxxxxx in xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx fluctuations xx employment fluctuations…
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Preview: when xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Answer:movements xx interest rates xxxxxxxxx in economic xxxxxxxxxxxx  fluctuations xx xxxxxxxxxx  fluctuations xx aggregate measures xx economic output xx income xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxx supply     7 xxxxxxxx :If taxes xxxxxxxx and xxx xx curve xx upward sloping, xxxxxxxxxxxxx Answer:output falls xxx the xxxxx xxxxx falls xxxxxxxx increases and xxx price level xxxxxxxxx  output xxxxx xxx the xxxxx level increases xxxxxxxx increases and xxx price xxxxx xxxxx  output xxx increase or xxxxxxxx but the xxxxx level xxxx xxxxxxxx    8 xxxxxxxx :The curve xxxx shows quantities xx total.....
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