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Ashford ECO 203 Week 4 Discussion 1 and 2

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Subject: Economics
Due on: 07/10/2014
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Discussion 1

From 2007-2010, the Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed) used many practices that had never before been seen from the central bank of the United States.

Discuss the some of the actions that the Fed took during this period. Such as:

•How the Federal Reserve’s lending practices changed during this period.
•What did the Federal Reserve do to support firms deemed “too big to fail.

Do you believe these actions were necessary to avoid a collapse in the financial system? Support your opinion with information from the textbook or external source(s).

Discussion 2

In conducting expansionary monetary policy, even if the Federal Reserve Bank is providing reserves to the banking system, during a recession or during periods of slow economic growth, banks may choose not to lend out their reserves when interest rates are low and potential borrowers look risky. This is known as a “credit crunch”. Explain how a credit crunch affects economic growth. Specifically, answer these questions in your post:

•How does a credit crunch affect consumer spending and business investment?

•How does a credit crunch affect aggregate demand, GDP, and unemployment?

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Ashford ECO 203 Week 4 Discussion 1 and 2

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Tutorial Preview …to xxxx recipients xxxx with cash xxxxxxxxxx and keep xxxxxx markets xxxx xxxxxxxx to x halt(Amacher, 2012) xxxx of the xxxxxx that xxxx xxxx done xx to higher xxx FDIC and xx make xxxx xxxx it xx protected(Amacher, 2012) xx support the xxxxxxxxx that xxxx xxxxxx big xx fail” had xxxxx assets punched xxxx the xxx xxx used xxxxxxxxxx they had xx make sure xxxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx became xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2012) Amacher, x J (2012) xxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx Diego xxxxxxxxxxx Bridgeport Education xxx ___________________ The xxxxxxx of xxxx xxxxxxx on xxx Economy In xxxxxxxxxx expansionary monetary xxxxxxx even xx xxx Federal xxxxxxx Bank is xxxxxxxxx reserves to xxx banking xxxxxxx xxxxxx a xxxxxxxxx or during xxxxxxx of slow xxxxxxxx growth, xxxxx xxx choose xxx to lend xxx their reserves xxxx interest xxxxx xxx low xxx potential borrowers xxxx risky This xx known xx x “credit xxxxxxxxx Explain how x credit crunch xxxxxxx economic xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx answer xxxxx questions in xxxx post: How xxxx a xxxxxx xxxxxx affect xxxxxxxx spending and xxxxxxxx investment? How xxxx a xxxxxx xxxxxx affect…
Ashford_University_ECO_203_PRINCIPLES_OF_MACROECONOMICS_ECO203_Week_4_Discussion_1.docx (20.01 KB)
Preview: to xxxxxxx economic xxxxxxxx the financial xxxxxx of 2007-2010 xxx been xxx xxxx severe xxxxxxxxx downturn since xxx Great Depression xx the xxxxx xxxxxxxx Pat12 xx 1033 (Amacher, xxxxx There are xxxxxxxxx ramifications xxxx xxxxxx the xxxxxx like; failure xx major corporations, xxxxx declines xx xxxxx values, xxxxxxxxxxx government intervention xxxxxx the globe, xxx a xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx in xxxxxxxx activity The x S Federal xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxx around xxx world have xxxxx steps to xxxxxx money xxxxxxxx.....
Ashford_University_ECO_203_PRINCIPLES_OF_MACROECONOMICS_ECO203_Week_4_Discussion_2.docx (18.76 KB)
Preview: the xxxx to xxxxxx new requests xxx does a xxxxxx crunch xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx demand, xxxx and unemployment? xxxxxxx obtaining credit xxx loans xxxxxxx xxxx difficult, xxxxxxxxx and investment xx reduced, falling xxxx wages xxxxx xxx because xxxx homeowners lost xxxx housing-wealth, people xxxx encouraged xx xxxxx spending xxxx lack of xxxxxxxx confidence causes xxxx business xxxxxxx xx be xxxx profitable and xx is reasonable xx assume xxxx xxxxxxxxxx is xxxxxxxx Data from xxx Congressional Research xxxxxxx (2013) xxxxxx xxxx “international xxxxx growth is xxxx below the xxxxxxxxxx norm xxx x S xxxxxxxx recoveries aspersistent xxxxxxx of economic xxxxxxxx continue xx xxxxxx economic xxxxxxxxxxx (Elwell,.....
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