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The Future of the New York Times

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The Future of the New York Times

Read the article: The Future of the New York Times, BusinessWeek, January 17, 2005, 64-72

Readership through circulation and news quality are key ingredients to profitability in the newspaper business industry. In a 2-3 page paper, examine what Arthur Sulzberger can do to revive the failing newspaper whose “financial performance is lagging “. Can New York Times, with its journalistic pride compete with the digital media and still deliver the best news?

Paper must be in the correct APA writing style. Include a minimum of 2-3 resources; 1 resource must be peer reviewed.

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The Future of the New York Times

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Preview: deliver xxxxx reactive, xxxxxxxxxxxx and unquestionable xxxxxxxxxx to their xxxxxxxxx in xxx xxxxxxx New xxxx The NYT xxx performed its xxxxxxx successfully xx xxx succeeded xx complying with xxx ideals The xxx has xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx growth xxx also have xxxxxxxxxxxxx profitability The xxx the xxx xxxx Times xx being portrayed xx the world xx an xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx or xxxxxxx for its xxxxxxx its ethical xxxxxxxxxx and xxx xxxxxxx and xxxxxx and organizational xxxxx If Sulzberger xxx not xxxxxx xxx York xxxxx with its xxxxxxx The NYT xxxxx have xxxxxxxxx xxxx time xxxx (Bianco, Rossant, xxxxx Gard, 2005) xxxxx is xx xxxxxxxxx need xxx New York xxxxxx to take xxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxx their xxxxxxxxxx where they xxxx been, where xxxx have xxxxxxx xx now, xxx where they xxxx to reach xx future xxxx xxxx need xx review the xxxxxxx world, have xx set xxxxxxxxxx xxx their xxxxxxxxxxx and also xxxx to mark xxxxx competitors .....
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