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Lab Research Report 2: Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation

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Due on: 10/05/2013
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Among the most controversial topics

in physical science, global warming has received a great deal of attention

during the past decade. Given its great impacts on both humans and the

environment, lawmakers and scientists must weigh heavily the information that

they are presented. Explore this debate in more detail by evaluating both the

scientific basis of this phenomenon and the human role in global


Write a three to five (3-5) page

paper in which you:

  1. Compare and contrast natural

    versus anthropogenic climate changes. Include specific examples of


  1. Take a position as to whether or

    not global warming is taking place. Provide three (3) lines of evidence to

    support your position.

  1. Assess two (2) current mitigation

    strategies for global warming, such as carbon sequestration, carbon taxing,

    clean coal technology, higher fuel efficiency standards, and so on. Include a

    discussion on the effectiveness of this mitigation strategy, as well as its

    potential costs and policy implications.

  1. Speculate what policy changes you

    would propose to help stabilize global climate and which business sectors or

    nations would be held to more strict standards if you implement your proposed


  1. Use at least four (4) quality

    resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar

    Websites do not qualify as quality resources. The body of the paper must have

    in-text citations that correspond to the references.

Your report must follow these

formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using

    Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations

    and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your

    professor for any additional instructions.

  • Include a cover page containing

    the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the

    course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not

    included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning

outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Apply concepts in physical

    sciences to evaluate current trends and issues in the modern world.

  • Describe the physical processes

    influencing climate and weather, including the roles of natural and

    anthropogenic activity on climate.

  • Use technology and information

    resources to research issues in physical sciences.

  • Write clearly and concisely about

    physical sciences using proper writing mechanics.

Grading for this assignment will be

based on answer quality, logic/organization of the paper, and language and

writing skills, using the following rubric.

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Lab Research Report 2: Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation

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Tutorial Preview …and xxxxxxxxxxxxx Research…
global_warming_2.docx (30.34 KB)
Preview: in xxx average xxxxxxx temperatures are xxxxx solar rays xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xx the xxxxx (Enviado, 2010) xxxxxxxx to support xxxxxx warming xxxxxxx xxxx reveals xxxx the concentration xx Carbon Dioxide xx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx is xxxxxxxxxxxxx 387 parts xxx million, which xx roughly x xxx increase xx the period xxxx to 2009 xxxxx increases xx xxx carbon xxxxxxxx have cause xxxxxx to get xxxxxx This xxxx xxxxxxx that xxxx growing demands xx energy and xxxxxxxxxxxx in xxx xxxxxxxxxx revolution xxxx change in xxxxx is irreversible xxx rather xx xxxx continue xx raise in xxx coming years xxxxxxxxxx 1997) xxx xxxxxxx research xxxxxxxxx claims that xxx climate has xxxxxxx affected xxx xxxx continuously xxxxxx affected in xxx centuries to xxxx The xxxxxxxx xxxxxx that xxxx though the xxxxxxx are natural xxx we xxxxxx xxxxxx the xxxxx contributions that xxx just accelerating xxx planet xxxxxxx xxx climate xxxxxx occurred due xx industrial revolution xxxx cause xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx for xxxxxx Current mitigation xxxxxxxxxx for global xxxxxxx Although xxxxxx xxxxxxx has xxxxxx a challenge xxx the world xxx still xxxxx xxx few xxxxxxxxxx that can xx helpful in xxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxx xxxxxxx First xxxxxxxx is Controlling xxxxxxxxxx It is xxx most xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx and xxxx complex also xxxxxxx it involves xx single xxxxxxxx xx mainly xxxxxxx on reducing xxx carbon dioxide xxxxxxxx into xxx xxxxxxxxxx It xxxxxxxx strategies like: xxxxx energy efficient xxxxx homes, xxx xxxxx plants xxxxxxxxx the carbon xxxxxxx by power xxxxxx and xxxxx.....
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Global warming A+Eassy

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Tutorial Preview …seen xx the xxxx few decades xxx been rapid xxx well xxxxxx xxxxxxx speed xxxxx it is xxxxxxx the cause xxx these xxxxxxx xxxxxxx must xx rooted in xxxxxxxxxxxxx factors INTRODUCTION xxx global xxxxxxx xxxxxx has xxxxxxxxxxxx claimed an xxxxxxxxxxxxx spotlight since xxxxx when xxxxx xxxxxxx a xxxx scientist, spoke xxxxxx the United xxxxxx Congress xxx xxxxxxxxxx based xx his studies, xxxx anthropogenic greenhouse xxxxx are xxxxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx of our xxxxxx Over the xxxxxxx decades, xxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxx like his xxxx been heralded xx many xx xxx scientific xxxxxxxxx and embraced xx people…
Global_warming.docx (23.1 KB)
Preview: years xxxxxx Hansen's xxxx landmark global xxxxxxx speech, Wallace xxxxxxxx used xxx xxxx global xxxxxxx in the xxxxx when he xxxxxxxxx carbon xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx would xxxxxxxxxx to increasing xxxxxxxxxxxx (Fletcher) Still, xx NASA xxxxxxx xxx climate xxxxxx has long xxxx the most xxxxxxxx catch-all xxxx xxxx describing xxx full body xx alterations and xxxxxxxxxxxxx made xx xxx environment x including any xxxxxxxxx cooling POLITICAL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx warming, xxxxx xx many xxxxxxxx a scientific xxxxxxx has largely xxxxxx a xxxxxxxxx xxxxx in xxxxxx years Those xxxxxxxx an anthropogenic xxxxx for xxxxxxx xxxxxx have xxxxxxx political and xxxxxx benefits to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx (Mechanisms xxxx make little xx no impact xx the xxxxxxxxxxx xxx products xxxx from renewable xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of wildlife x literally x xxx cause xx many activist xxxxxxxxx banishment of xxx rigs xxx xxxxx forms xx mining and xxxxxxxx in and xxxx environmentally xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx particularly xx and near xxx Arctic regionSociopolitical xxxxxxxx with xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxx governing bodiesThose xxx deny theories xxxx global xxxxxxx xx caused xx humans generally xxxx these political xxx economical xxxxxxxxxxx xx mind:Industrial xxx corporate companies, xxxxxxxxxx and developmentOil xxxxxxxxx eager xx xxxxx in xxx near the xxxxxx circleOpening of xxx Northwest xxxxxxx xx the xxxxxx Ocean, which xxxxx aid trade xxxxxxx nationsDevelopment xx xxxxx in xxxxxxxx nations like xxxxx and China xxxxx would xxx xxx transition xxxx to initiatives xxxxx to curb xxxxxxx changeGlobal xxxxxxxx xx in xxxxxx every other xxxxxxxxxxxxxx issue, clearly xxx at xxxxx xxx distinct xxxxxx of stakeholders xxxx is seen xx Capitol xxxx xxx in xxx voting booths xxx across America xx people xxx xxxx divided xx this issue xxx line is xxxxxx drawn xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx To illustrate xxxx how political xxx issue xx xxxxxx warming xxx become over xxx last decade, xxxxxxxx what xxxxxx xxx learned xxxxx Democrats' and xxxxxxxxxxxx and their xxxxx on xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx 2003, xx percent of xxxxxxxxx believed global xxxxxxx is xxxxxx xx humans, xxxxxxx 52 percent xx Republicans shared xxxx view xx xxxxx 73 xxxxxxx of Democrats xxxxxxx humans are xxxxxxx global xxxxxxxx xxxxxx just xx percent of xxxxxxxxxxx who agree xxxx that xxxxxxxx xxxx do xxxxx numbers suggest? xxxx the years xxxx to xxxxx x few xxxxxxxxxx events have xxxxxxxx which could xx skewing xxx xxxxxxx of xxxx along party xxxxxx including:Al Gore's xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx contributions xx xxx global xxxxxxx issue during xxx mid-2000sThe claims xxxx the xxxxxxxx xxx severe xxxxxxxxxx of 2004 xxx 2005 were xxxxxxx by xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx massive xxxxxxxx by liberal-leaning xxxxxxxxxxx and groups xxxxxxx global xxxxxxxx xxxx economy xx the United xxxxxx and other xxxxx of xxx xxxxx which xxxxx create some xxxxxxxxx among lawmakers xxx business xxxxxx xxxxx changing xxx status-quoThe Kyoto xxxxxxxx is perhaps xxx o.....
Scientists_Research_Temporary_Global_Warming_Solution.docx (12.09 KB)
Preview: Research xxxxxxxxx Global xxxxxxx SolutionIt seems xx though some xxxxxxxxxx have xxxx xx with x suggestion to xxxx counter the xxxxxxx global xxxxxxx xx strange xx it may xxxx the idea xx to xxx xxx pollution xx create a xxxxxx that would xxxxx the xxxxx xxxxx would xx turn cool xxx planet This xxxx was xxx xxxxxxxx up xx just anyone xxxx J Crutzen, x Nobel xxxxx xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx other prestigious xxxxxxxxxx came up xxxx this xxxxxxxx xxx announced xx at.....
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