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Midterm HIST156

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Week 3: Midterm Instructions

Midterm Instructions

Over the next three weeks you will focus on preliminary work for your final paper. Submit the following in a Word Document as an attachment in your Assignment Folder by the end of Week 5. Do not hesitate to post any questions you may have in the General Questions conference.

1.Annotated Bibliography: Select two primary sources and three to four secondary sources that you will use for your final paper. Construct a descriptive annotated bibliography (using Chicago Style) with these sources. If you are not sure how to construct an annotated bibliography or how to cite in Chicago Style, see the following links.

Please note that the Annotated Bibliography will be graded as a separate assignment.

How to construct an Annotated Bibliography

Cite Rite (Chicago Style)

2.Tenative Outline: Provide a rough outline of how you plan to organize your final paper. If you are not sure how to construct an outline, see the example attached.

3.Thesis Statement: Provide a preliminary thesis statement. If you are not sure how to write a thesis statement, take time to read over the information provided at the following site.

How to construct an introduction/thesis statement

4.Introduction: Submit a rough draft of the first paragraph of your final paper. For tips on constructing a well written introduction, see the information provided at the link above.

The following websites may be helpful to you in learning how to use UMUC’s Library resources and locating/evaluating scholarly sources.

Using the eBook Collection

Locating and Evaluating Scholarly Articles

Identify and Locate Scholarly Journals

Evaluating Websites

I look forward to reading your best work!


All points must relate to the same major topic that you first mentioned in your capital Roman numeral.

Example of an outline:

 I. INTRODUCTION - (Brief comment leading into subject matter - 
 Thesis statement on Shakespeare)
 II. BODY - Shakespeare's Early Life, Marriage, Works, Later Years
 A. Early life in Stratford
 1. Shakespeare's family
 a. Shakespeare's father
 b. Shakespeare's mother
 2. Shakespeare's marriage
 a. Life of Anne Hathaway
 b. Reference in Shakespeare's Poems
 B. Shakespeare's works
 1. Plays
 a. Tragedies
 i. Hamlet
 ii. Romeo and Juliet 
 b. Comedies
 i. The Tempest
 ii. Much Ado About Nothing
 c. Histories
 i. King John
 ii. Richard III
 iii. Henry VIII
 2. Sonnets
 3. Other poems 
 C. Shakespeare's Later Years
 1. Last two plays
 2. Retired to Stratford
 a. Death
 b. Burial
 i. Epitaph on his tombstone
 A. Analytical summary
 1. Shakespeare's early life
 2. Shakespeare's works
 3. Shakespeare's later years
 B. Thesis reworded
 C. Concluding statement

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Midterm HIST156

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Annotated_Bibliography.doc (38.5 KB)
Preview: natural xxxxxxxxxxx around xxxx This provides xxxxxxxx insights into xxx life xxx xxxx of xxx Taino Indians xxxxx before the xxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxx immigrants from xxxxxx which led xx the xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx of xxx pristine culture xxxx book is xxxxx for xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx who xxx not only xxxxxxxxxx in the xxxxx Indians, xxxxx xxxxxxxx a xxxx portion of xxx book, but xxxx the xxxxxxxxxx xxx natural xxxxxxxxxxx in the xxxxxxxxx before the xxxxx of xxxxxxxxx xxx book xx a culmination xx more than xx years xxxx xxx authors xxxx spent in xxx region carrying xxx archeological xxxxxxxx xx such, xxxx provide an xxxxxxxx analysis into xxx history, xxxxxxx xxx natural xxxxxxxxxxx in which xxx Taino Indians xxxxxxxx which xx xx paramount xxxxxxxxxxxx to the xxxxx under research xxx book xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx photos, xxxxx depict Taino xxxxxxx ways of xxxx and xxxxxxx xx well xx natural habitat xxx main strength xx the xxxx xxxxx from xxx well versed xxx experienced authors xxxxx extensive xxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxx provides them xxxx special insights xxx knowledge xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx The xxxxxx The People.....
AB_95.doc (40 KB)
Preview: in xxxxxxx to xxx Taino You xxx also use xxx one x xxxx you xx a suggestion xxx the Primary xxxxxx Analysis xxxxxxxxxx xxx did xx excellent job xxxx your annotations xx Annotated xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Malagy xxxxxxx to Puerto xxxx Taino Indian xxxxxxx 2014 xxx xxxxxxxxx http//welcome xxxxxxxxxxxx org/reference/taino shtmlhttp//welcome xxxxxxxxxxxx org/reference/taino shtml xxxx article xxxxxxxxx xx an xxxxxxxxxxxxxx website describes xxx culture of xxx Taino xxxxxxx xxxx a xxxxxxxxxx perspective The xxxxxx points out xxxx the xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxx Indians in xxx Puerto Rico xxxxxxx predates xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx discovery xx the new xxxx The article xxxx describes xxx xxxx and xxxxxx nature of xxx Taino Indians xxxxxxx and xxx xxx of xxxx including aspects xx religion, art, xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx xxx articles xxxxxx audience is xxxxxxxxx of individuals xxxx interest xx xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxx the how xxx culture, and xxx the xxxx xxx history xx Puerto Rico xxx evolved over xxx years xxx xxxxxxx distinctive xxxxxxxxxx exploration of xxx Taino cultural xxxx is xxxxxxxxx xx understanding xxx assignment topic xxx article also xxxxxxxx four xxxxxxx xxxxxx which xxx essential in xxxxxxxxx better understanding xx the xxxxx xxx short xxx in-depth description xxxxxxxx the most xxxxxxxxxxx pertaining xxx xxxxx Indians xxxx to the xxxxxxxxxxxx reader (This xx a xxxx xxxxxx for.....
HIST156_Part2_100.doc (35.5 KB)
Preview: conquistadors, xxx Taino xxx a rich xxxxxxxx and historical xxxxxxxx spanning xxxx xxxx six xxxxxxxxx However, this xxx brutally extinguished xxxxxxx disease, xxxxxxx xxx assimilation xxxx written thesis xxxxxxxxx Introduction Taino xxxxxxx are xxxxxxxx xx have xxxxxxxxxx from Southern xxxxxxxx and occupied xxx Bahamas xxxxx xxx distributed xx five kingdoms xxxx were headed xx Cacique xxxxx xxxxxx hunting, xxxxxxxxx and fishing xxxxxxxxxx were characterized xx rich xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx which xxxxxxx more than xxx millennia The xxxxx are xxxxxxxx xx the xxxxx people to.....
Midterm_HIST156_Part2.doc (34 KB)
Preview: to xxxx discovered xxxxxxxxxxx Columbus on xxx expedition to xxxxxxxx the xxx xxxxx in xxxx However, the xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx conquistadors xx xxx 18th xxxxxxx had a xxxxxxxx impact on xxx Taino xxxxxxx xxx their xxxxxxx A wave xx new diseases xxxxxxxxx a xxxxx xxxx of xxx population while xxxxx who remained xxxx forcefully xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx the xxxxxxx culture through xxxxxxx This essay xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx of xxx Taino Indians.....
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