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UMUC Final Paper History 156: United States History to 1865

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History 156: United States History to 1865

Final PaperInstructions

To exercise your skills in historical writing,you will compose a research paper thatcoversa topicin UnitedStates Historyup to theyear 1865. Usethis research as a tool forlearning how to developyour thoughts logicallyand as an opportunityto review anhistorical topicyou wantto explorefurther.

Due Date: Yourresearch paper is dueon the last dayof Week 8.Papers up to 24 hourslatewill incura10%penalty. Papers up to one weeklatewill incur a25%penalty.

Papers laterthan that will incura40%penalty.

Formatand Tone: The tone of yourpaper should be professional.Yourpaper shouldbedouble spaced, using12-point, Times New Roman Font.Use Chicago Styleto citereferences withinyourtext (usingfootnotes) andprovide a Bibliographyat the end ofthepaper.

Paperlength: Thepaper should be 5-7 pages in length (excluding, tables,imagesandbibliography).

Sources: You are required (but not limited to) threesecondarysources,and at least twoprimarysources.

*Pleasenote that Wikipedia and Encyclopedia entries will not be considered secondarysources to usefor this paper.*

Academic honesty: Academichonesty is imperative. You should work alonein writingthe paper,althoughyoumaypost any questions in the General Questionsconference.

You should not quote directlyfrom other sourcesunlessyou use quotation marks andidentifyyour source. Close paraphrasingshould be avoided. All statementsyou obtainfrom published sources should be carefullydocumented.

Before Submission: Although writingabilityis not theprimary focus of this course,yourabilityto communicate isessential toyour success.Payclose attention to whatyouarewriting. Inaddition to spell checking your work, read overyour paper to identifyandcorrect any grammaticalor punctuation errors. You maywant to havea friend readyourpaper beforeyou turn it in or submityour paper tothe EffectiveWritingCenterforreview.Go to this link forsubmission instructions:">

Grading: Read the FinalPaper Rubric documentfor information on how this paper willbe gradedand evaluated.


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UMUC Final Paper History 156: United States History to 1865

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