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cultural diversity in professions

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Choose one of the following topics to discuss. Reflect upon your chosen topic in a 1–2 page essay, double-spaced, in APA format. Make sure to include a title page. Based on the topic you choose, describe what the experience was like, how it made you feel and think, and what you learned from it. Connect your discussion to at least three concepts, examples, and/or quotes from the course readings or lectures.

  • 1-Explore a time when you felt like "other" – when you were made to feel invisible, excluded, or too visible.
  • 2- Explore a time when you perceived someone or some group as "other" (when you noticed someone or some group was outside or excluded).
  • 3- Explore a time when a connection was made between you and an "other."

Tags profeions diversity cultural time explore excluded like page feel topic choose group andor quotes course lectures readings invisible noticed outside connection perceived visible felt examples 1explore connect chosen doublespaced format reflect discu following

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Preview: hence xxx not xxxx Obama to xx as he xxx black x xxx a xxxxxx and then x thought about xx realised xxxx xxxxx was xxxx one reason xx to why xxxxx should xxx xxx and xxxx was just xxxxxxx he was xxxxx (The xxxxx xxxxx Presidents xxxxxx Barack Obama, xxxxx When I xxxxxxx this xx xxx glass xxxxxxx that if x had an xxxxxxxx working xxxxx xx and xxxx I overheard xxxx I would.....
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