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The parable of the Prodigal Son

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Subject: Religious Studies
Due on: 01/30/2016
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Reflect on this parable. Read it in the context ofLuke Chapters 14-16 (select your favorite personal translation or version). Then answer the following questions:

· What is this timeless parable really about?

· When the older brother sees the celebration for his younger brother’s return, he grows angry and complains to his father. Does pride (or other emotions) enter into the actions of either brother?

· What would your reaction be as the older sibling? The younger sibling? The father?

· How effectively do the structure and message of this parable (see textbook for definition) convey lessons?

· In what way(s) doyoupersonally "connect" with this parable?

Tags prodigal parable parable brother older sibling younger father reaction actions whatwould pride complains does emotionsenter structure ways inwhat doyoupersonally connect thisparable leons convey angry meage textbook fordefinition howeffectively brothers select favoritepersonal translation

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