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Business-Healthcare Project

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Imagine that you have been hired by a physician who has split from a large group to form a solo practice. Your job is to assure the practice us ready to operate in 60 days. The physician has already secured an office space prior to hiring you.

In 8-10 pages, you will discuss the managerial processes that must be implemented, designed, and completed prior to opening day.

Your final paper must 8-10 pages long. It should be supported by research from at least 5 different sources. Include a title page that includes your name, title of your project, and the name of this course. Also include both in-text citations and a References page in APA format.

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Business-Healthcare Project

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Preview: business x unique xxxxxxxx for the xxxxxx functioning It xxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx and xxxx stands the xxxxxxxx to fight xx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx world xxxxxxxx of business xxxx Any physicians xxx want xx xxxx a xxx practice have xx first make xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxx xx order xx assess its xxxxxxxxx needs he xxxxx to xxxxxxx x business xxxx This business xxxx will put xxxxxxxxx team xx xxxxxxxxx a xxxxxx care attorney, xxxxxxxxxx consultant and xxxxxxxxxx together xx x management xxxxxxxxxx I will xxxxx a business xxxx for xxx xxxxxxxxx which xxxx include several xxxxxxxxxx like:Detailed description xx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx strategyFinancial xxxxxxxxxxx A well xxxxxxx business plan xxxxx the xxxxxxxxx xx develop xxx achieve their xxxxxxxx goals and xxxxxxxxxx Location xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx business xxxxx the physician xxxxx location to xxxxx its xxxxxx xxxx is x significant part xx the managerial xxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxx xx location xxxxx demographic analysis xx find that xxxx whether xxxxxxxxx xxxxx physicians xxxxxxxx or not xx the other xxxxx these xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx are xxx cost exorbitant xxxxxxx physicians must xxxxxxxxxx that xxxxxxx xxx practice xxxxxx without any xxxxxxxx of the xxxxxxxxx will xxxx xxxx for xxxx because by xxxxxxx they can xxxx their xxxxxxxx xx locations xxxxx community does xxx need physician’s xxxxxxxx In xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx I xxxx calculate the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ratio It xxxxxxx upon xxxxxx xxx supply xx patients in xxxx area I xxxx also xxxx xxx insurance xxxxxxxx that cover xxxxxxxxxx geographical locations xxxxxx finalizing xxx xxxxxxxx Business xxxxxxxxx After selecting xxx location and xxxxxx arrangement xx xxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx is almost xxxxx to open xxx practice xxx xxxxxx that xx requires implementation xx business plan xxx first xxxx xxxxxxxx deciding xxxx its corporate xxxxxxxxx The available xxxxxxx are x xxxxxxxxxxxxx C xxxxxxxxxxxxx Limited Liability xxxxxxxxxxxx I will xxxx physician xx xxxxxx the xxxx corporate structure xxx business structure xxxxxxxxxxxxx depends xxxx xxxx all xxx practices must xxxxxx the state’s xxxx (Hekman, xxxxx xxxxxxxxx Business xxxx implementation next xxxx is making xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxx xx support.....
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