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Continue working with your chosen least admired company and its industry and complete the following:

1. Using your Domestic and Global Environments (countries) and the opposing cultural clusters (as identified in International business: theory and practice) identify which cluster(s) your two countries fit.

2. Identify the socio-cultural parts of each country as related to business for your company.

a. You will need to examine these with the aid of Geert Hofstede (see resources).

3. Identify and discuss the various sociocultural aspects of each country. Do they differ? How? What are the similarities?

4. How would these factors affect your company’s business in your Domestic and Global Environments (countries)?

5. Research requirement: minimum 2 sources PLUS the text and Hofstede.

6. Page requirement: 3 pages in APA format.

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Tutorial Preview …xxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx customers xxx xxxxxxxxxx of xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx based xxx xx Carolinas, xxxxxxx xxx Florida xx xx headquartered xx…
socio-cultural_environment.docx (24.72 KB)
Preview: Muslim xxxxxxxxxxx to xxxxx and Medina xxx country is xxxx known xxx xxx advancement xxx forward looking xx terms of xxxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxxxx xxx approachable xxx business and xxxx do have x good xxxxxxxx xxxxx while xxxxxxxxxx their priorities xx the same xxxx (Saudi xxxxxx xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx (n d)) xxxx the comparisons xxxxx made xxxx xxx help xx the Geert xxxxxxxxx Model of xxxxxxxx differentiation, xx xxx that xxxxxx and Saudi xxxxxx is immensely xxxxxxxxx from xxxx xxxxx and xxxxx are few xx rather zero xxxxxxxxxxxx amongst xxxx xxxxxx believes xx inequality that xx present in xxxxxxx and xxxx xx hierarchical xxxxxx as we xxxx seen earlier xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx disparity xxx thus the xxxxx of malnutrition xxx poverty xx xxx country xxxxx is a xxxxx degree of xxxxxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxx xxx they xxxx more beliefs xx groups and xxxxx values xxx xxx loyal xxxxxxx them They xxx soft on xxxxxx inequality xxx xxxxx is xxxx bias against xxxxxx reservation When xx comes xx xxxxxxxxx Saudi xxxxxx on the xxxx scale it xx really xxxxxx xxxxx it xxxx strongly.....
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