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HCS 531 Technology and Health Care Paper

Question # 00000167
Subject: Health Care / General Health Care
Due on: 07/23/2013
Posted On: 07/21/2013 03:13 PM
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As a member of ABC Consultants, you have been hired by a large organization to develop an innovated approach using current technology in health care delivery. This can be a product, a service, or an application.

Choose an organization in a sector including, but not limited to, pharmaceutical, insurance, manufacturing, software development, or facility design. Review its website and any recent articles about the organizations.

Resource: Technology and Health Care Grading Criteria

Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper and include the following:

  • Describe your product, service, or application (m-health, e-therapy, virtual physician visits, and so forth).
  • Discuss the impact of your product, service, or application on quality of care, quality of life, cost of care, and access.
  • Discuss the social, ethical, and economic impact of your product, service, or application to the organization.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelinesw3n

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HCS 531 Technology and Health Care Paper

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Tutorial Preview …xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx and xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx patients xxxx xxxx witnessing xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx and xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx…
technology_and_health_care.docx (26.53 KB)
Preview: and xxxx in xxxxxxxx the appropriate xxxx of the xxxxxx Telemedicine xxxxxxx xxx its xxxxxx on the xxxxxxxxxx The Mobile xxxxxx is xxx xxx of xxx wireless devices xxx the use xx the xxxxxx xx as xx improve the xxxxxx outcomes, the xxxxxx research xxx xxx health xxxx service It xx a tool xxxxx provides xxx xxxxxx to xxx health care xxxx at a xxxx low xxxx xxx the xxxxxxxxx M health xx the meeting xx people xxxx xxxx are xxx geographically but xxxx they are xxxxxxxxxxx It xxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxxxxxx and more xxxx 9 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx tend xx email their xxxxxxxxxx in the xxxx 2009 xx xxx patients xxxx a busy xxxxxxxxx do not xxxxx the xxxx xxx visiting xxxxxx for the xxxxxxxxxxxx health type xx the xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Health xxxxx 2010) In xxx recent years xxx expansion xx xxx mobile xxxxxx technology for xxxxxxxxx the text xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxx phone apps xxx the portable xxxxxxx which xxxx xxxxxxx the xxx in which xxx health care xxx being xxxxxxxxx xx the xx and globally xxx patients like xxx convenience xxx xxx communication xx the physician xxxxxxx the advanced xxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx xxx employers xxxx been beginning xx incorporate the xxxxxxxxxxxx into xxx xxxxxxx of xxx package for xxxxx employees Recognizing xxx e-visits xxxx xxxx beneficial xxx the employer xx the employees xxxxx not xxxx x lot xx time as x lot of xxxx from xxx xxxx to xxxx some non-emergent xxxxxx type of xxx conditions xxxxx xxxx been xxxxxxx In addition xxx service is x type xx xxxx saving xxxxx is both xx the employee xx well xx xxx employer xxxxx are certain xxxxxxxx groups which xxxxx these xxxxx xx the
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