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MGT599 Strategic Management module 2

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Module 2 - Home
External Environment Analysis


An environmental analysis can be an extensive undertaking, requiring far more time and resources than we have for this course. Therefore, be sure that you do not give an inordinate amount of attention to any one factor to the exclusion of other important ones.

Keys to the Assignment

  • Step One: Using the sources you identified in the SLP, collect some data to support an industry analysis of each of the Five Forces in Porter's model.
  • Step Two: Using the sources you identified in the SLP, collect some data to support an analysis of each of the four elements in the PEST analysis. When considering economic data, use the most current data you can find.
  • Step Three:In a 5- to 6-page paper, write the results of your external analysis, and be sure to label each of the Five Forces as high,moderate, orlow. Taken together, the Five Forces analysis and the PEST analysis should lead to conclusions about the opportunities and threats facing the Kraft Foods Group as revealed by your research. The data you report from the Five Forces and PEST analysis must be properly cited using APA style.
  • Step Four:Consider the Case as a formal business report that you are developing for the Board of Directors and CEO as theKraft Foods Group'sconsultant. This is a professional document. Follow the format below:
    • Executive summary: This is a synopsis of the main points, conclusions, and recommendations made in the longer report. If you would like a refresher on writing an executive summary, check this">
    • Introduction:State the main purpose of the paper (thesis statement), what you hope to accomplish, and how you will go about doing it.
    • Main Body: The "meat" of the paper. Emphasize analysis, not just description. Use section headings in this paper—and all papers. For example:
      • Executive Summary
      • Introduction
      • Porter's Five Forces
        • Threat of Entry
        • Rivalry
        • Substitutes
        • Bargaining Power of Suppliers
        • Bargaining Power of Customers
      • PEST
        • Political Environment
        • Economic Environment
        • Sociocultural Environment
        • Technological Environment
      • Overall Impressions Concerning the Company's Environment (Opportunities and Threats)
      • Conclusion

Assignment Expectations

Your paper will be evaluated on the following seven points:

  • Precision - Does the paper address the question(s) or task(s)?
  • Breadth - Is the full breadth of the subject ( i.e., the Keys to the Assignment) addressed?
  • Depth - Does the paper address the topic in sufficient depth and include the Background readings and other Background resources as references?
  • Critical thinking - Is the subject thought about critically, that is, accurately, logically, relevantly, and precisely?
  • Clarity - Is the writing clear and are the concepts articulated properly? Are paraphrasing and synthesis of concepts the primary means of responding to the questions or are points conveyed through excessive use of quotations?
  • Organization - Is the paper well written? Are the grammar, spelling, and vocabulary appropriate for graduate-level work? Are headings included in all papers longer than two pages?
  • Referencing (citations and references) - Does the paper include citations and quotation marks where appropriate? Are the references from the Background readings and assignment present and properly cited? Are all the references listed in the bibliography present and referred to via citation?

Tips and Suggestions

Module 2 - SLP


The key aspects of this assignment that should be covered in your paper are:

  • Step One: Research Web and library sources that would give you the kinds of data you would need to conduct a Porter Five Forces analysis. Use the Kraft Foods Group (and thus, the foods industry) as the basis for this SLP. Note: We are not looking for sites that describe the Five Forces, but sites that will provide you with datathat you will be able to use to conduct your own external environmental analysis (e.g., to analyze the degree of competition in an industry, or the ease of substitution). You have undoubtedly run into such websites and publications before in your core courses. Typically, they are government sources providing statistical data, industry or trade magazines or journals, general business publications, finance websites, websites for trade associations, etc.
  • Step Two: This is a two-step process:
    • Determine what kinds of information you would need to evaluate each of Porter's forces (see the background materials), and then find a source that will give you that information. Find a minimum of one or two sources for each of Porter's forces.
    • Research Web and library sources that would give you data to support a PEST analysis. Find at least one or two sources for each PEST variable.
  • Step Three: For each source you have given above, provide a title and a URL (if applicable), and write a sentence or two explaining what information is provided by the source and how the source would be useful in conducting an external analysis, and critiquing the source (e.g., what are the strengths and limitations of the source)?
  • Note: There are no length requirements for the SLP, however, you must address the above requirements precisely (two sources for each Porter and PEST factor), and you must critique the validity of each source with adequate depth.
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MGT599 Strategic Management module 2

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Tutorial Preview …and xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx readings and xxxxx Background resources xx references?Critical xxxxxxxx x Is xxx subject thought xxxxx critically, that xxx accurately, xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - Is xxx writing clear xxx are xxx xxxxxxxx articulated xxxxxxxxx Are paraphrasing xxx synthesis of xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx to the xxxxxxxxx or are xxxxxx conveyed xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx use xx quotations?Organization - xx the paper xxxx written? xxx xxx grammar, xxxxxxxxx and vocabulary xxxxxxxxxxx for graduate-level xxxxx Are xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx in xxx papers longer xxxx two pages?Referencing xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx x Does xxx paper include xxxxxxxxx and quotation xxxxx where xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx the xxxxxxxxxx from the xxxxxxxxxx readings and xxxxxxxxxx present xxx xxxxxxxx cited? xxx all the xxxxxxxxxx listed in xxx bibliography xxxxxxx xxx referred xx via citation?Tips xxx SuggestionsModule 2 x SLPAssignmentThe xxx xxxxxxx of xxxx assignment that xxxxxx be covered xx your xxxxx xxxxxxxx One: xxxxxxxx Web and xxxxxxx sources that xxxxx give xxx xxx kinds xx data you…
kraft_foods-module_2_case.docx (29.91 KB)
Preview: into xxx well xxxxxxxxxxx analytical models xxxx have been xxxxxx in xxxxxxxx xxxxx for xxxxx some time xxx Almost all xxxxxxxx executives xxxxxx xxxxx models xx order to xxxxxx their chances xx success xxx xxxxxxx The xxxxx model that xx would be xxxxxxxx to xxx xxxxx Foods xxxxx is the xxxx Analysis Although xxx name xx xxx model xxxxxxxxx exactly sound xxxx it has xxxxxxxx to xx xxxx business xxx alone business xxxxxxxx even remotely, xx stands xxx xxxxxxxxxx Economic, xxxxxxx and Technological xxxxxxx that govern xxx decision xxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxxx around the xxxxx on a xxxx elementary xxxxx xxx second xxxxx we would xx applying to xxx Kraft xxxxx xxxxx in xxxxx to assess xxx pressure it xxxxx externally xx xxx Porter’s xxxx force model xxxxxxxxx by one xx the xxxxxxxxx xxxx sought xxxxx and highly xxxxxxxx expert in xxxxxxxxxx thinking xxx xxxxxxxxxxx Michael xxxxxxx the model, xx the name xxxxxxxxx consists xx xxxx forces xxx rivalry, supplier xxxxxx threat of xxx entrants, xxxxxx xx substitutes, xxx buyer power xxx these forces xxx together xxxxxxxxx xxx state xx the company’s xxxxxxxxxxxxx and threats xx allowing xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx to xxxx into where xx has a xxxxxxxxxxx advantage xxx xxxxx it xxxx be pressurized xx external market xxxxxx At xxx xxx of xxxx paper, we xxxx have identifies xxx threats xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx that xxx Kraft Foods xxxxx faces in xxx 21st xxxxxxx xxxx would xx achieved by xxxxxxxx the company xx each xxxxxx xxx forces xx the PEST xxxxxxxx and Porter’s xxxx force xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxxx undertaken for xxxx paper and xxx eventual xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx opportunities xxx threats through xxx application of xxx models xxxxxxxxx xxxxx will xxxx a key xxxxx in helping xx develop xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx Kraft Foods xxxxx business model, xxx strategies xxxx xxx deployed xx its management xx stay relevant xx a xxxx xx innovation xxx ruthless market xxxxxxxxxxx The results xx the xxxxx xxxx also xxxx an important xxxxx for further xxxxxxxx that xxx xx undertaken xx order.....
kraft_foods-module_2_slp.docx (25 KB)
Preview: to xxxxxx more xxxxxxxxxxx against Porter’s xxxx forcesGrowth through xxxxxx A xxxxxxxxx xxx Driving xxxxxxxxxx Expansion (n x ) Retrieved xx May xxx xxxx from xxxxxxxxxx strategy-business com/article/00034?pg=all xxxx article appeared xx Strategy x xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxx of consulting xxxxx Booz & xx It xxx xxxx authored xx a Kraft xxxxxx management executive xxxxx with xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx School.....
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