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economics 502

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Subject: Economics
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Complete the following problem :

The attached table represents the market share of the top eight firms in a hypothetical industry in 2006 and 2011.

  • Calculate the four-firm concentration ratios for 2006 and 2011. Analyze the industry changes during this five-year period.
  • Calculate the eight-firm concentration ratios for 2006 and 2011. Does this index give you any different indication about changes in the industry over the same period?
  • Calculate the Herfindahl-Hirschman Indexes for 2006 and 2011. What information does this index tell you about changes in the industry? How does this information differ from the four-firm and eight-firm indexes?
  • Hypothesize what you think might have happened to supply, demand, and price of products in this industry from 2006 to 2011. Use charts, if appropriate, to illustrate your response.
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economics 502

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Tutorial Preview …2006: xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx C4= xxxxxxxxxx x xxxThere xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xx xxx top x xxxxx contribute xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxx xxxxx…
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Preview: 2011 xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx changes during xxxx five-year period xxx 2006 xx xxxxxxx 50 xxx 2011 C4 xxxxxxx 82 There xx more xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx as xxx top 4 xxxxx contribute 82 xxxxxx than xx xx total xxxxx of industryCalculate xxx eight-firm concentration xxxxxx for xxxx xxx 2011 xxxx this index xxxx you any xxxxxxxxx indication xxxxx xxxxxxx in xxx industry over xxx same period xxx 2006 xx xxxxxxxxxxxx 74 xxx 2011 C8 xxxxxxx.....
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