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This discussion examines materialism and over consumption in American society and potential impact on values, success, discussion-making and well being.Watch the Affluenza Video before complete the discussion board.

  1. How would you define Affluenza in your own words?
  2. What were the primary symptoms of Affleunza presented in the video?
  3. Do you think Affluenza is prevalent in our society? (Yes) or (No)- Explain why you answered yes or no and provide evidence or examples to support your answer.
  4. Why do you think the statement " people suffering from Afffluennza try to fill emotional needs with materials things to make them happy" is significant?
  5. Do you know anyone suffering from Affluenza, (maybe you)? Describe a few examples of affluenza based decisions or actions?
  6. If you were to make a career choice based on Affluenza how might it differ from your career choices based on values, skills and interests?
  7. List (3) values or qualities that are essential to your happiness and well being?
  8. What steps can you take to insure that those values identified in question 7 can be realized?
  9. Other thoughts or observations?
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Tutorial Preview …make xx truly xxxxx since I xx not wish xx lie xxx xxxxx my xxx through life xx lying to xxxxxx about xxxx xx is xxxx I truly xxxx and need xx life xxxx xx my xxx field of xxxx doesn’t guarantee xx with xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx in xx career, I xxxxx still be xxxxx to xx xxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxx that I xxxxx enjoy to xx in xx xxxxx and xxxx in a xxx helps other xxxxxx as xxxx xxxxx that’s xxxx society should xx in its xxxx essence; x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx between xxxxxx based on xxxxxxxxx and honesty xxx clear xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx not xxxxx on shallow xxxxxxxxxxx or commercials xxxx rob xx xx our xxx true human xxxxxxxx by putting xxxxxxxx things xxxxxxx xxx human xxx another List xxx values or xxxxxxxxx that xxx xxxxxxxxx to xxxx happiness and xxxx being? Qualities xxxx are xxxxxxxxx xx my xxxxxxxxx and well xxxxx are loyalty, xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxx steps xxx you take xx insure that xxxxx values xxxxxxxxxx xx question x can be xxxxxxxxx I can xxxx on xx xxx well-being xx ensuring those xxxxxxxxx via being xxxxxxxx to xxxxxx xxx others xxxxx who I xx and where xx I xxxxx x am xxxxxxx in life xxx these values xxxxx is xx xxxxxxxx thing xxxx could substitute xxxx in me xx in xxxxxxx xxxxxx Qualities xxx hones over xxxxx sometimes via xxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxx x person xxx knows themselves xxxxxx good, and xx true xx xxxxx pattern xx thinking, working xxx doing in xxx walks xx xxxx doesn’t xxxx an endless xxxx of things xx make xxxx xxxx better xx worthy of xxxxxxx person’s attention xx envy xxxxxxxxxx xx something xxxx I do xxxxxx for in xx life, xxx xxxxxx it xx difficult at xxxxx given the xxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxxx consumer xxxxxxx that has x distorted view xx qualities xxxx xx the xxxxxxx equal money xxx possessions, I xxxxx it’s x xxxx reminder xx lead by xxxxxxx and not xxx such x xxxxxxxx get xx…
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