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umuc arth372 quiz 1 midterm latest 2015 december

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Subject: Asian Studies
Due on: 01/09/2016
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UMUC Online: History of Western Art I

Quiz 1 Midterm: Worth 15% of overall grade: 16 Identifications worth 5 points each. One essay worth 20 points. In a separate word document follow the directions below and submit your document in the Submission tab of the course. Use .docx or .pdf format.

This quiz is based on course material from Unit 1 to Unit 4. Your artwork selections MUST COME FROM THE PERIODS OF PRE HISTORY TO ANCIENT ROMAN ART.

Part I: Term identifications (5 points each). In a word document, write the term,and provide a specific artwork example for each of the concepts below. Your examples must come from the time periods beginning with Pre History and ending with Ancient Roman Art. Note: Do not use floor plans and reconstruction drawings as your examples. You DO NOT need the definitions of terms.

Include an image (reduce the image size) of your selected artwork and include appropriate caption information of title, artist (if known), date, location, and the culture represented. Example:


.jpg" alt="Treasury-Arteus.jpg">

Artist: Unknown

Title: Treasury of Atreus

Date: 1300-1230 CE

Location: Mycenae, Greece

Culture: Mycenaean

1. Post and lintel

2. Ka

3. Paleolithic

4. Contrapposto

5. Doric

6. Lost wax

7. Hellenistic

8. Sculpture in the Round

9. Metope

10. Minoan

11. Relief sculpture

12. Amphora

13. Mastaba

14. Mesopotamia

15. Etruscans

16. Stele

Part II: Essay (20 points).

.jpg" alt="parthenon.jpg">

.jpg" alt="parthenon.jpg">

First, fully identify each structure above and include artist (if known), title, date, and culture represented (caption info is not factored into the word count). In a well developed essay, compare and contrast the two structures (400 words minimum). Do not discuss one work and then the other, but rather, integrate both structures into your discussion. The comparison analysis should bring in appropriate art terminology whenever possible. After you have compared the two buildings, explain why each building reflects their respective culture. Sources must be cited in MLA style.

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umuc arth372 quiz 1 midterm latest 2015 december

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Preview: and xxxxx architectural xxxxxxxx of its xxxxxxxx building The xxxxx Pantheon xxx xxx most xxxxxxxx building of xxxxxxx Rome and xxxxxxxxx to xxx xxx Gods xx pagan Rome xxx Pantheon was xxxxx between xxxxxxx xx To xxxx people might xxxx they are xxxx similar xxxx xxx outside xxxxxxx in but xxxx are noticeable xxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxx xxx designed xx architectures to xxxx see the xxxxxxx which xx x horizontal xxxxxxxx technique called xxxx and lintel xxxxx is x xxxxxx the xxxxx used to xxxxxxx the weight xx.....
history.docx (1080.03 KB)
Preview: Mesopotamia, xxxxxx (ancient xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Assyrian12 AmphoraArtist: xxxxxxxxxxxxx Blue painted xxxx Amphora xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx Ca xxxxxxxx B CLocation: xxxx Egypt, Upper xxxxx Culture: xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx UnknownTitle: xxxxxxx Tomb of xxxxxxxxxxx ca 2381-2323 x C xxxxxxxxx xxxx Egypt, xxxxxxxx regionCulture: Old xxxxxxx 14 MesopotamiaArtist: xxxxxxxxxxxxx Statue xx xxxxxxxxxx ca xxxx.....
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